AMLO complains to Calderón and says he does not argue with him

CDMX.- An President Andrés Manuel López Obrador a debate refused Former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, even you offered excuses, but said he ran his hand Become a councilor for a foreign company what was it links with your government.

During a morning news conference, he was asked one day there old president Felipe Calderón I went to National Palace and he sat in the news sets, López Obrador stopped a joke: "you should be careful".

"I'm not going to do it debate with the old president. Everything I said was the old leaders, as he also did (Ernesto) Zedillo, I need to build it, because I always say what I'm thinking about, I'm a president and I need to go to; look after the investment but I do not think I should to be calm as a mummy"he said.

He asked the PAN that he was not disturbed or confused, "I have to contest his case, but they put their hands on them . "

And he explained that Calderón Hinojosa had connections with one of the foreign companies (Avangrid), and at the end of his message he became a councilor for that company.

"It can not be done, not a lawsuit, it should be a legal case, if it is not illegal, it is rude, it should not be happening further and we should not be quiet, because corrosion cleaning is not just a persecutor who does legal actions or performance actions, but also to have a public quiz, "he said.

López Obrador also said that President Ernesto Zedillo promoted the prioritization of railways and, at the end of his six-year term, he will work as a consultant to one of the companies that benefited from the privation of the railings.

"The banks are saved by Fobaproa and they work in one of the banks," he said.

The Force Force General said that even they did not respect their pollution, "they were involved in revenge and were still, therefore, for the peregrine."

"The robbers were the ones who stole a gas cylinder and those from above, a white appearance, a nobleman who forced allegiance to his loyalty, changes, and as a result," he said.

He clarified that it is not personal to complete these practices.

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