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Instagram preparing changes in its users' image. In a press release, the social network will publish the changes to the interface in relation to the presentation of the profile.

The new image at Instagram Modern design does not differ from what we are now. The main points for change are responsive to the navigation and structure of the image, since the company's intention is to offer resources for human interaction.

" Over the next few weeks, you may see that the features are restored to the top of your profile, and # 39; Including changes in images, buttons, and the way you travel between tabs, which we hope to & # 39; Create a profile that is cleaner and easier to use. Do not change the pictures and videos you divide into your crew", reading the statement.

One of the changes Instagram The following button, which is placed under the biography. In addition, there is a new button for just sending a message by clicking one.

Change the data of fans and followers: now you will see it under the biography and the number of documents sent by each person will be removed. By contacting fans or by a subsequent user, you will now see your friends usually with that person.

As not enough, the tabs Instagram The image will also be reviewed updated, and there are no more images to use descriptive names. It would be divided into grid, occupations, IGTV and tagged photographs.

The changes Instagram They are scheduled for the following weeks.

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