Anti-weaponry attack statement "El Mijis", a local postman on Brunette in SLP

At about 9:00 p.m. A strong police force was reported in the community of San Nicolás de los Jassos, a summary later that was reinforced a man had made an attempt against the local candidate with Morena Pedro Carrizales "El Mijis".

A person who was traveling on a motorcycle spoke the official carriage where the solicitor was able to travel; travel on the Rioverde road, according to police reports.

The Ministry of Public Security authorities are already there.

To date it is reported that the proxy was protected from the invasion. Minutes later, advisors confirmed that "El Mijis" was in a routine inspection in a hospital in the town, where it is considered.

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They also indicated that they did not know the reason for the attack, however, they urged the Office of State Attorney's Office and state authorities to guarantee the security of the local proxy and those who are responsible to find.

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