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Antonio Mohamed is drawn by Mexico's big teams

One of the names which has taken greater strength, at least among the supporters, was to bring out the Azores. Antonio 'Turco'; Mohamed.

Survey carried out ESPN Digital It shows that most voters want the technician Xolos, America and Monterrey to promote the role.

The truth is that the current time is that South America is driving the Hurricanes, Argentina, with whom he had always been respecting; But, there are wells near the entire Globo that was taken to this site that Antonio, up to Argentina, is aware that the people of the rojiblancos want him to replace the Paraguayan José Saturnino Cardozo.

“Mohamed has a contract with Hurricane until the end of May. Now think of this team, "he decided to confess to the coach, that he seemed to undoubtedly attract the idea of ​​needing to lead Chivas or t another big football in Mexico, but he did not reveal who he was.

But we must remember that his name was one of the people who talked most about the time and in the middle of Cruz Azul. Many people believe that a court case with “Tony” by Ricardo Peláez, the team's sports president, is currently, but the truth is, they don't have good relationships for a time.

The truth is that the waters move to several sides. David Faitelson, co-worker ESPNsaid that Boy Boy, Tomás Boy, is a viable option, this may be the longest of the last hours, a scenario that Turco & # 39 had; disadvantage, which has always been brought back to Mexico's football.

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