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Apple brings an extra step when trying to unsubscribe subscriptions from the "App Store" to avoid scams

Apple, the iPhone company, developed an extra step in his "App Store". so that users can check in a particular window that they want to pay recurring subscriptions from the claim.

When users download the application required paid subscription – for example: newspapers or video games – or enter the subscription options in an already downloaded application, the first proof will always have always been: identifying them, in its most advanced devices, or with the fingerprint, in previous models..

But now the company has put a new check on Tim Cook: a window will appear when the user is identified where Apple reminds the merchant that the subscription will continue if it is not sent off at least one day before the end was set up, after a week, a month or a year.

Apple's main aim is Users are invited to challenge the claims provided to users of scambut also those who offer free trial time, but do register the user's pay data, and, After a set period of time, they start the cost without giving notice.

Developer David Barnard was one of the first people to report through their social networks. The update is an extra step in order to create an apple environment for the company to feature in its App Store.

Companies are using a two-stage authentication to protect their customers. Gmail, for example This service will be included in a mail account, but in this case it is the user who has required it and is not found in a way unusual.

This is Apple's second step to ensure that processing operation is clear, and in almost all cases, external developers with different interests are created.

In January, according to specific media reports, t changed the “App Store” rules so that cost developers and subscriptions can clearly be included in their applications..

The developers will need to demonstrate clearly the prescribed fares which need to be paid at the outseteven if the trial period is free at the outset.

If an application has a trial period, it must give the user notice that the stated costs are commencing when the stated time falls. Quite popular claims by Tinder, with option for service "Premium", t they should make it clear that they pay for the full subscribers from the start, although the plans they offer offer six and twelve months of use t.

Other dark companies try, through free appeals. users record their fingerprint data. Then it was done they were using this data to make taxes that people who applied and did not approve of the application..

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