Atlético Zacatepec established Pablo Larios against Celaya

ZACATEPEC – The Zacatepec Athletics Club praised the late warden Pablo Larios Iwasaki by introducing it to the startup that includes Celaya and sugar with the number 1 and his surname, used by Hugo Hernández's current warden during warming.

In addition to the above, the Morelos club asked through social networks that "this Saturday everyone would go to the game with white shirts, meals or scarf" to " 39; painting the surgery in memory of the keeper who died on January 31, Attacking an aggression after suffering from bad problems

The Arquero de la Selva & # 39; protecting the shirts of Zacatepec, Puebla, Toros Neza and Cruz Azul. At an international level, he was a World Cup player and started in the World Cup in Mexico.

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