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Chief Coinbase has mentioned three things that cryptocurrencies need to be really taken

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase's Chief Executive, has the top prize-winning exchange in the United States, believing that awkward cryptocurrencies in particular are dependent on sustainability, fragmentation and easy practice. Armstrong launched this "Ask Me Anything" live session on 2 April.

Armstrong AMA made 45 minutes of Tuesday answering questions asked by the cryptocurrency community. Addressing the first question, about the acceptance of the cryptocurrency, Chief Coinbase said he could take great advantage by developing divination and ease of use, and reducing change.

Sadly, if great flow markets continue to take place, it will be difficult to bring in more traditional investors, Armstrong said. The industry, therefore, needs a more sustainable prices, for example through steel barriers and increased use to attract more people.

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Armstrong also said that there are currently up to ten teams working on depression solutions, such as Lightning Network, to improve the speed of crypto silver currencies. With these solutions developed, cryptocrins can reach 500 to 5,000 items per second and start work on Visa and PayPal.

The potential also needs to be developed, Armstrong continued. He said that there are too many steps now that need to be done to invest in money in cryptocurrencies. Armstrong recommended the allocation of funds for crypto [inversores] That the salesmen should work easily, using the Chinese Wechat overwhelming request, is a powerful example of;

Armstrong also mentioned the recent suspicion of Coinbase in the community, which is specifically appearing to move #DeleteCoinbase to a newer example. The initiative was launched in early March in response to its purchase, by Coinbase, a company run by previous spyware developers.

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Answering another question, the businessman said that he understands bitcoin (BTC), and that he wants it to succeed. However, he regrets that he was heavily involved in the promotion of the RTB at a particular point in 2013-2014, in the hope that the money could be an accessible network for all. “I took a full view of the controversy that the idea could come to the BTC community” he added.

As some people said it valued the money, Armstrong finally changed his mind to be an agnostic of money and crypto profiles as well as supporting them. Coinbase decided to support everyone instead of choosing the winners, he said.

As earlier by Cointelegraph, Armstrong has been reiterated as he refers to BTC. For example, in a series of messengers marking ten years since the medal was held this year, Armstrong wrote that BTC is his “first love”.

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