Chivas – Veracruz (0-0): game summary

Thanks for continuing to & # 39; broadcasting with us. The entertaining and entertaining game came in, but at the end the game did not break. We hope you enjoy it as much as you write to you. Please show yourself in the following treasures of Mexican pirates. Do not get out of MP of Mexico.

Zero to hell at Akron Stadium. Chivas starts to & # 39; sweep the Clausura 2019 after a promising start. The Cardozo team had many opportunities, but Sebastian Jurado's backdrop was excellent.

90 & # 39; + 4 & # 39; This meeting is over. Chivas, at home, will connect to the same spot in the Liga MX. The rojiblancos begin to start; fall in the competition and leave doubts about the future.

90 & # 39; + 4 & # 39; Cardozo is very confused with his players and partners. This ends in dragging.

90 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; Chávez's "Puma" leaves Jesus Molina dona and her; earn a yellow card. The final of his game will be in a silent ball.

90 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; Van Rankin to Bryan Carrasco. Both players believe in the yellow card. The game comes to an end very warm. The rojiblancos look very seriously.

90 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; AnJUUUUURAAADOOOO OOOTRAAA VEZZZSouth West Jarocho's golfer drew another member with the purpose of his goals. This place thank the guardian of a young jarocho.

90 & # 39; A further four minutes will be added to this game. Saturnine is the devil being taken.

89 & # 39; Chivas is one of the final players in the corner break. Cardozo's team did not have a dangerous risk, but their ownership still has a member.

88 & # 39; Everything says that Chivas and Veracruz are going to pull a debt in the Akron. There were plays on both sides, but between the great work of Jurado and the post, the score did not move.

87 & # 39; The final change of the jarochos comes: he goes into the court "Chávez Puma" and will leave "Polaco" Menéndez. The Argentines were very hard on Monday.

86 & # 39; Molina receives a yellow card after Rodriguez has been harassed. A player with a mexican player attacked Veracruz's player and put it on his shoulder.

85 & # 39; The final minutes of the game have been fascinating! Chivas had a very good picture by Jesús Molina, near her opening. In the re-play, Rodriguez stopped a ban in the goal that defended Gudiño. Who can do this?

84 & # 39; AnTODAY RODRÍGUEZNext, Menéndez "Polaco" retains its & # 39; wall and makes it unsuitable for Sebastián Rodríguez. The member started to post. The Chivas were saved.

82 & # 39; AnJURAAADOOOO! OTRAAAA VEZZNext Jesús Molina is encouraged to be exterminated and Sebastian Jurado, a figure and a. game, save again.

81 & # 39; "Bunny" Bunny "has changed his band. The Madrigal rojiblancos were not seen in the area. There are nine minutes left in the clock, and the add-on.

80 & # 39; Beltrán will leave and go to; come into Sandoval. Cisneros leave and Villalpando will come in. There are no changes to Cardozo.

79 & # 39; AnPOOOLACOOOAfterward Menéndez will try again, again with a head, but Raúl Gudiño has been in a position; keep calm. No problem A two steps back only.

78 & # 39; Chivas de Guadalajara already produces changes. Walter Sandoval appears to be going in. Good performance at the end of rojiblanco was lost against Santos, which also changed to change.

76 & # 39; Kazim Richards leaves her and hers; coming to Charrasco. Salcido also leaves the field and Luis Martínez has a " come in instead. People who praised "Sa Sa Salsita" Salcido. On the way, do you remember your nickname that is worse than that?

75 & # 39; Brizuela plays in the area for Jesús Molina … and let Chivas again. The cover did not accurately explain and this is what they think is still tied and ambitious.

74 & # 39; Changes are coming to this Chivas – Veracruz. Carrasco Silein appears to be entering into the revival of the Red Circuit range. The second half has been much more even.

72 & # 39; Eighteen left on the clock. The rojiblancos are surrounded by eight players in the jarocho land. There are obstacles to Veracruz side. The local team will start to & # 39; see something unfair.

70 & # 39; AnOOOOTRA THAT YOU GUIDING YOUNext, Ponce will leave her & her; a member of the area to Ronaldo Cisneros and the playwright Santos Laguna sang over the car.

68 & # 39; There would not be a lot of Veracruz, a team that would help; staying in the 17th place of Clausura 2019. But the photograph of Robert Dante Siboldi could get a bit of emotion after having to connect some of the best in the & # 39; game.

67 & # 39; If this game was finalized like this, Guadalajara played two games without scoring in the Liga MX. The Cardozo team has tried at least Monday.

65 & # 39; 25 minutes left of the game. The Flock does everything it can, but it does not. grow up with him. Worst Still: Veracruz looks more dangerous.

64 & # 39; AnPOOOOLAAAACOOOOOSouth-West Cristian Menendez receives a special center from Gutierrez and his / her; come up. The ball went pretty close to the Gudiño stick.

63 & # 39; Submit Luis Madrigal. Alexis Vega leaves his place. Earlier Toluca had two important players in the first half, but he did not. can specify it.

62 & # 39; Sharks are protected by eight in their area. The protection of the jarochos has prevented Chivas strikers in the last minutes.

60 & # 39; AnTHE FOLLOWING EXCHANGE MUCHNext Post A photo that was made in advance, Veracruz was to open the scanner. Edson Garcia stayed two centimeters away from connecting to his head.

59 & # 39; Moving, to & # 39; bend and as you want, the Veracruz Red Sharks are a guide to; game where he wants. The basking sharks are visiting.

58 & # 39; Chivas captain attacked Kazim Richards … the referee did not get any cards. There was nothing else to pay attention to the three involved in the play.

57 & # 39; Gudiño is going to cut a ball and his / her; bent with Jair Pereira. The midfielder of Chivas attacked Kazim Richards and explored the play.

55 & # 39; Saturnino Cardozo's picture is not so clear and dangerous than in the first half. Veracruz has balanced the game process. The main Kazim Richards and Menendez maintain their position.

54 & # 39; Alan Pulido will cost to & # 39; free photocopy and the service is rejected by protection. And then there was a backup that could have come to an end in something else.

53 & # 39; Chivas starts to & # 39; spin play smoothly. Carlos Salcido breaks Brizuela out of a bad shape and a member of the home team is a jealousy. Let's see what Guadalajara is doing.

51 & # 39; Chivas gets a little sick. The basking sharks begin to do a bit more on the & # 39; and although they are still at risk of the rojiblanca area, there is some progress compared to the first half.

49 & # 39; It's almost 50 minutes at Stadium Academy and … Robert Dante Siboldi's team has not been looking forward to Raul Gudiño's aim. That postcard has a & # 39; making a good picture of how the game was like.

47 & # 39; "Pocho "Ponce is trying to get a shotgun, but his ship passed a long way since Jurado's goal. You can change your settings at any time.

46 & # 39; AnTHE DATHER OF NON-COMPLETE CONTENTSNext Chivas and Veracruz are looking for a & # 39; connection breakdown in 45 minutes; we left.

The game is going to start again. Do not include the broadcast (net, net, do not, too, invite friends to follow the game here).

WhatChivas does a player from starting at the beginning of the second half? José Saturnino Cardozo is born: Miguel "Wacho" Jiménez, Hedgardo Marín, Juan Basulto, Dieter Villalpando, Walter Sandoval, Carlos Cisneros and Luis Madrigal.

The playground from Santiago de Chile has played three games as a starting point and went into another exchange. Carrasco has played 244 minutes in Clausura 2019.

Bryan Carrasco is one of the most likely options to enter the field: Silein has given a partnership under Siboldi and may have a summary of the afternoon.

WhatWhat movements can the shark make in the second half?? Robert Dante Siboldi gets caught: Julio Gonzalez, Luis Caicedo, Luis Martinez, Joe Ábrigo, Adrián Luna, Diego Chávez and Bryan Carrasco.

The Chivas habitat has been complete in this meeting. And if they do not believe us, give them the number of figures: almost 70% of the property has been sold; ball in the first half.

Thank you for the continuation of Chivas – Veracruz with us. The game has been good, with many opportunities, but we still have no goals. We hope the second half is just as interesting.

45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; The first time & # 39; ends at Akron Park. The Flock and the Red Sharks are equivalent for half a time.

45 & # 39; This plus will add an extra minute. If something is not amazing, Civas and Veracruz will be connected at half a time.

44 & # 39; Veracruz is likely to have the job and will give the relay. Chivas has done everything that could be & # 39; win, but football is sometimes like that (although there seems to be vocabulary).

43 & # 39; Carlos Salcido has left to & # 39; leaving after replacing Isaac Brizuela. The historical protection of the basking sharks is incorporated and can continue in the court.

41 & # 39; Kazim Richards has a very difficult game. The Turkish invasion has been alone and his soul looks for balls on her; the summit. Chivas defenses have been completely rejected.

39 & # 39; Veracruz is completely immersed in his own land. Chivas de Guadalajara is easy to play. The photograph of Robert Dante Siboldi is widely embedded.

38 & # 39; Seven minutes of this first part have been lost, as well as the time added. Guadalajara has been playing well, but there was no strength in the & # 39; last belt, where it is important.

36 & # 39; AnOOOOOTRO DO THROUGH YOUSouth-West Alexis Vega receives a member in the area and his / her. hitting it with little power. The old Toluca player dropped another clear pass.

35 & # 39; The game is fast, lightning, fast … Akron Stadium's first start. Will Veracruz perform a & # 39; First advantage in this MX League season?

34 & # 39; The Pumas player would probably have to do more in the interpretation. Van Rankin's side went down to the corpse of Jurado and Chivas lost a clear new visit. The Flock is a lot of forgiveness.

32 & # 39; AnJURAAOOOO AGAINSouth West Veracruz is the figure in the game so far. Van Rankin had a jigsaw runner-up … and Jurado rescued again with great savings.

32 & # 39; Salcido attempts to make a link to "Polaco" Menendez, peeeroooo … Jair Pereira is a " make a detailed cut.

31 & # 39; He has already been half an hour of play. The game was not on one side. Back, Sebastián Jurado Roca, very safe and effective to keep his goal vacant.

29 & # 39; Chivas is responsible for Guadalajara. The ownership of his / her ball is completely for him. The rojiblancos have already built three clear aims. However, this is still 0-0. The team of the Cardozo team must be patient.

28 & # 39; The game is right where the basking sharks want. As long as there is no aim to & # 39; Opposition, Robert Dante Siboldi's team will be very careful in the backdrop and try to get rid of the boat stops.

27 & # 39; The case is strong, but Jurado takes the ball without difficulties. The rojiblancos are master masters and games … but the aim is not to benefit; falling.

26 & # 39; Guadalajara's stop is left. Can they break the connection to this play?

25 & # 39; At the top Chivas player is a play free and constantly change references. Ronaldo Cisneros is the most prominent of the Flock's progress.

23 & # 39; The visitors already had to balance the situation. The best months of Chiverío have been delivered. The shark boundaries that did not come into the entire collection.

22 & # 39; The Guadalajara is above the Red Squirrels. The rojiblancos have influenced the entire game and they already have three clear opportunities … see if they do not pay them later.

20 & # 39; AnWhat's just about Chivas lostSub-Ronaldo Cisneros came on the right side and inside … and the defender Garcia has gone; taking a wall in detail. Cisneros could seem to hit earlier.

19 & # 39; AnJURY AGAINSub-Veracruz's backbone saves a cross by Miguel Ponce. The ball was put to the beat of the corner.

18 & # 39; Veracruz needs to take advantage of the balls they have stopped at their game. For its location in the first instance, the Siboldi application appears to be a play back.

16 & # 39; The entrance to the Akron Park has been improved. The players in the playground are all of their herring boom. Chivas may have been winning earlier.

14 & # 39; Edson García launches a & # 39; The first yellow card of the game after hitting rojiblanco. The game speed is very interesting. Vega and Brizuela are in a good shape.

12 & # 39; Fabricio is delighted to play in this play. The Sharks' main defender is lying on the grass a few minutes. A medical group helped him. It is likely that it is possible to continue to play in the game.

11 & # 39; AnALEXIS VEGAThe Deputy The Toluca chief produces cutting in the area, looking for defenders and shoes: "Gru" Vega burst the post Veracruz. The basking sharks are brilliant.

10 & # 39; The rojiblanco team has a team range and has used a busy football in this first part. Veracruz, when he gets the ball, looks for "Polaco" Menendez and Kazim Richards.

8 & # 39; Miguel "Pocho" Ponce gets into the area and, when he had to burn, he tried to cut. Veracruz's huge protection was at risk. Chivas is closer.

8 & # 39; With his good performances, Jurado finished winning the job and sent Pedro Gallese to his / her. bench. Robert Dante Siboldi has given continuity in Clausura 2019 and the 21-year-old has not been broken.

7 & # 39; The keeper Sebastián Jurado has been a fascinating wonder since its inception. The keeper from Veracruz, Veracruz, started his journey in the first section, and influencing the management of older people.

5 & ​​# 39; Information to be aware: Chivas de Guadalajara has won five of the last 10 duels against Veracruz held at home. Two losses are rojiblancos and three are drawn.

4 & # 39; The basking sharks will cause their & Well, but their efforts are very systematic. Chivas, with Vega and Brizuela, try to push ahead.

3 & # 39; Guadalajara is campaigning from the party. The José Saturnino Cardozo team is trying to play a rhythm. game in this first summary of the game.

1 & # 39; AnJURYPost-game Veracruz's young backman rescued his team in the first hazard player to & # 39; game. Hiram Mier finished the corner corner and … Delay made a simple, save but effective save.

1 & # 39; AnPART IN EVENT AKRONNext Post Rojiblancos and Escualos to activate their & # 39; the fifth day of the 2019 Closing date.

One of the first reservations about the meeting has already been cleared: rojiblanca fans get Carlos Salcido funny. And as it is, "Sa Sa Salsita" Salcido is not one of the historians from Flock.

The party, on paper, looks interesting. Chivas will look at her; leaving the bad feelings he left in the last league and the cup games. Veracruz, on the other hand, will try to & # 39; first effect. Who wins this?

AnPlay clean, feeling your allergySouth-East The entrance to Akron Stad does not appear to be good. Chivas comes out with his native shirt; Veracruz uniform in red.

The Liga MX hymn already looks at the house in Guadalajara. The teams will come to the field and their; start a daily protocol.

Stay with us in this broadcast of Chivas de Guadalajara – Veracruz. The game is about to start. If they gave them the day, continue with their game with us. If you are one of the unlucky people who are still in the office, with more reasons, keep up with the game in our broadcast.

The Red Squirrels are the fifties of the general classification. Red Squirrels have only been extracted and their & # 39; others have been opposing each other. The team of Robert Dante Siboldi will NOT STICK AT MX League.

Veracruz has a brutal start. If it was not for the poor Queretaro campaign, he did not put points on five dates, the basking sharks would be at the bottom of his table.

Flock fell at the Santos Laguna house on Sunday, 27 January. The Warriors played the game with a long distance from "Gallito" Vázquez, exchivista.

Some data to keep track of memory: In four days after Clausura 2019, the rojiblancos will add three benefits and one loss. El Rebaño has scored four best destinations and one face.

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