Cinépolis contract of Rome & # 39; in her rooms

MEXICO CITY.- Cinépolis's chain said that he can not show the new "Roma" film, with Alfonso Cuarón, although Netflix does not respect the time in which films that are not designed in houses- A picture should be available on another platform or channels.

According to information from Forbes, the film on Netflix from 14 December, so Cinépolis asked for the stage to be suspended.

"In Cinépolis, we would not like to have anything else possible to showcase the movie featuring Rome by Alfonso Cuarón. We think it's a modern singer of cinematography. Unfortunately, Roma has been sold to Netflix who has a business model so far have been watching the show in the rooms of cinema, "said the network.

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"All over the world, films that are shown in film plays must not be available on a platform or other tracks. We are called windows at those times, "they added to the company led by Alejandro Ramírez.

The company's notices show that both world-class retailers and exhibitors are working with a "window" display in the homes that last around 90 days.

"This month, May this year we have held discussions with Netflix with the biggest delegation for Rome exhibiting in our photographers, and respecting the traditional window of the but the Netflix offered window, however, far from the usual business practices"He said.

So, the chain invited the US company to release the movie on their stage and to respect that time, so Cinépolis will put the film ahead of 29 November in his photo houses in more than 75 cities in the country.

"In addition, we offer 50% of this collection Provided to social groups connected to the purpose of homework, "he said.

Until now, the film will be shown in more than 50 independent plays, which will provide some of the income to nonprofit organizations.

Just two days ago, Cuaron was lamenting her movie being taken forward in just a few cinemas in Mexico and in other countries such as Poland and South Korea would have more screens.

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