Dead threat: They look for a cure in the US for the "zombie deer"

Ralph Abraham, a Canadian president representing Louisiana, sent the bill to stop The CWD, (for its English language measure) to date registered in two Canadian regions and 24 states (almost half) of United States.

Although they were still in Louisiana they did not see this fatal disease called & # 39;zombie deer disease"Abraham is trying to stop him from spreading to his state.

The bill will be a lot of food, with the company HR 837, where the Department of National Security and the Department of Agriculture needs to liaise with the "National Sciences Academy" to investigate the ways in which the CWD is transmitted between deer, sheep and deer of farming (deer, càribou and crops). "

According to the collector that was reported by RT in Spanish, "scientists at these groups already have this, they only need funding".

It should be noted that they found a disease called "zombie deer" in the beginning of 2019, as it affects this animal species.

The signs are hit, a & # 39; sweeping, lack of coordination, aggression or confidentiality. It causes a strong weight loss and prevents the fear of humans.

The disease there is no cure so far and it does not have much certainty about how it spreads, although its & # 39; People are also affected, but is considered deadly.

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