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Diabulam, a terrible disorder that will die to death

A 25-year-old daughter of the UK needed to have an additional diabetic patient diabetes, diabomimia.

It is a term used for patients with type 1 and bulimia diabetes. But unfortunately not she is the only one who looks at this problem.

The BBC Mundo explained what people are suffering from a & # 39; lament is alive.

Zohra Allana told the radio show, Newsbeat, when she saw her pictures when she was immersed in diabulimia, she realized she was "gorgeous".

It was confirmed that Type 1's diabetes was 19 years old, after falling into the room, and her friends gave her a hospital.

The photo appeared in time.

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"In the first year I was good enough … Eat, enter and go to college, but when I realized that I was suffering from insulin, the problems began, "said Allana.

This led her to stop her medication and started under poor food.

The girl was handled at South London and Maudsley Hospital (SLaM) for "diabulimia", although this change is not clinically known.

According to experts in diabetes and mental health, up to 40% of patients have insulin restrictions at a time of life because of "fear of fatigue ".

Another case involving the United Kingdom was Megan Davison, who killed himself after diabulymia had been in his position; suffer.

His mother, Lesley Davison, said she lost her hopes as there was no cure for her illness.

Professor and adviser SLaM, Janet Treasure, confirm that more and more issues are seen as those women, and a number of British hospitals are experiencing; co-operate to solve.

The National Clinical Director of Obesity and Sickness in the NHS, Jonathan Valabhji, argues that there is a large part of this tragedy, but the worst thing is that many are suffering in a summer.

So, psychologists and doctors try to create an awareness to avoid further problems.

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