Durazo proves people killed by a journalist Jorge Ramos.

In the morning conference, AMLO and the journalist Jorge Ramos talked of people suffering from murder in the current three months of government, because the Chief Executive was t saying that he had other information rather than being presented to a reporter

Following the debate with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the journalist Jorge Ramos, to record the number of violent crimes recorded in the country. The Secretary for Security and Defense of Citizens, Alfonso Durazo, confirmed figures about the only rider! the delivery of the driver Univision at the morning conference of President President.

According to Durazo Montaño, in December 2018, 2000 875 people were killed; in January 2019 there were 2000 853 and in February 2019 they were private to 2000 796, aumando 8000 524 victims of assault in the first three months of government from AMLO.

Similar statistics gave Jorge Ramos at the time of López Obrador's questioning on this topic.

At the morning conference of the Chief Executive, Ramos questioned the President for a murder of 8000 524 Mexicans between December 2018 and February 2019. The spokesman said: "If the figures are the same, 2019 will be the worst and worst year of history in Mexico's history," said the journalist.

López Obrador's first answer was that the government was already working on the matter, that there was more coordination among the three levels of government (federal, state and town) t and in its first three months of administration it had "controlled the situation, according to our data".

Jorge Rso that the magistrates wanted and took the President out "but that has not happened", encouraging debate in which López Obrador questioned the figures which the reporter had submitted.

“The figures show that the number of murders continues to riseIn the first three months, 8000 524, "Ramos spread

"No, I have other information"Named AMLO.
"They are figures from your own Security SecretariatSaid the journalist.
"I do I invite you to review them"AMLO replied.

The journalist Univisión did not let his mind pass He then read the manuscript Lopez Obrador who named the people in his time. the first three months of current government

"In December, 2000 875 died; in January 2 853 Mexicans died; in February, 2000 796 died. If this is the case, this is the worst thing that has ever disappeared in today's Mexico history, "Ramos explained.

He was later remarked by President López Obrador who invited him to revise a graph using the number of people who take every day. "There, then, is the box. Check if it fits with your data"He told Jorge Ramos."

AMLO he recognized at the time that he was speaking about the daily average of slaughter, t and Univisión journalist explained that he spoke about the total figures for the first three months.

Finally, the President closed that question in recognition of a violent problem “It is not resolved, I am saying that we have maintained the former standards. or that the motion we tabled concerned about murder crime is reversed. "

Once a President's conference in the Finance Chamber was over, he starteda press conference that is offered by the Security and Security Commissioner for Alfonso Durazo; the National Defense Secretary, Luis Crescent Sandoval; and the Commander of the National Guard, Luis Rodríguez Bucio recently.

It was in that framework that Durazo Montaño was read the total number of items recorded between December 2018 and February 2019 t, confirming the statistics presented by journalist Jorge Ramos.

However, he did give one final piece of information. Preliminary violence records were made in March 2019, if they were to decrease in order to reduce this crime. In March 2019, those suffering from violence would have fallen to two thousand 404 people.

After that, the journalist Jorge Ramos wrote a tweet on the subject and agreed to his situation with data from the Government Secretariat in the Public Security System.

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