Edelman is the most famous El Siglo de Torreón

Julian Edelman did not have the choice of being a spectator only when his Patriots consecrated out on the back door for a year ago in the Super Bowl.

With a wealth of tracks captured in this game, the broad receiver made by Tom Brady made sure they were; marks a title.

Edelman received 10 pounds for 141 pence and called himself the most prestigious Super Bowl player, which was essential for the Patriots to affect Los Angeles Rams 13-3 last night.

Brady and Edelman met in the middle of her grid, under a spell of confetti, and melting into a few pages – their eyes full of tears of fighting.

"I'm sorry," said Edelman. "Lion confidently, by physically and emotionally melting."

It was a very good border for that same season of money for Edelman, a person Brady thinks about his little brother – some teams making jokes saying they have "bromance" – and especially known as one of the best performances in the history of the league.

And there he was present again before Rams.

Iongantach and safe. Every night

Even when he did not deal well with the Patriots at the outset, Edelman kept his attack and spent time on his. clock as escape walls for Brady. He also caught a 13-yard on the crime that came to influence his & her; final destination with 7 minutes left.

It was an excellent trip to Edelman to reach this place, after he lost all the last seasons when a knee ligament broke in the third game of preseason New England.

"It's just a matter to believe," he said. "There's nothing else for you to have faith."

He did what he did in this Super Bowl just like the loss of the Patriots crime in the & # 39; lost 41-33 to Philadelphia last year.

In addition, Edelman lost the first four games of this season to break NFL rules regarding the use of materials to improve performance.

And also the uncertainty about whether the old 32-year-old soldier was to be stable and effective as he was for his life with Patriots.

It was better than ever.

Edelman finished the regular season with 74 shows and a total of 850 rooms with six recreational gardens.

The Patriots gave the Rams just 3-0 at half-time, but Edelman had much to do that.

Brady had won four of the MVP awards in the five Patriots' previous effects in the Super Bowl.

Edelman seemed to have left the field with this one.

Yes, he went up to the greatest extent.



In the shows Julian Edelman yesterday gave the prize to the most prestigious player.

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