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Enter an Atmospheric Warning in Zapopan

This Tuesday Ministry of Environment and Rural Development (Semadet) • introducing an Atmospheric warning in the Zapopan Township of 7F.

The colonies were that more notice was needed: Collis paradises, Balcones del Prodavera, Miramar, Arenales Rapatíos, El Tizate, Villas de la Primavera, Luna Bosque, Foret. , El Fortín; St Nicholas, Ixtepete Gardens, Villa del Ixtepete, El Briseño, Santa Ana Tepetitlan, Woodgate, La Granja, Bugambilias Town, Los Robles, Santa Ana Mission, El Camichín, La Haciendita, La Joya 1, El Bosque, Iris Azaleas , Bugambilias, El Palomar, La Tijera and San Sebastián.

The people referred to are the most open pollution created by fire of the Forest at La Primavera Forest.

The warning was already activated, as the fire, which started at almost 4pm, will cause a wave of pollution t are at risk from the health of nearby people; The forest fire within the Nature Conservancy is worthy of note in La Primavera.

For now, 103 elements of the Ministry of Environment and Land Reform Steering Groups are in attendance;Semadet), The Civil Defense State Unit, OPD Bosque La Primavera, the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) and Zapopan Civil Defense and Fire Brigade, are also taking part in a helicopter battle against "Witari", four Motobomba cars, two pipes and piping.

Against pollution, Semadet is recommended for people who live or carry out activities near Forest La Primavera. Avoid outdoor activities, such as leisure and recreation.

He also praises close doors and windows obstructing pollution from entering housing pages. And if you need it, to use face masks when you went out to the street.

Particular care must be given to children under five years of age, older people, asthmatics and people with chronic respiratory problems. And it is still completely Stopping any fire or open fire.

You can't forget drink plenty of drinks, avoid smoking and the reduction of motor vehicle use.

Semadet is asking note the features of the Civil Defense and Fire Protection Units.


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