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Find out the titles that make up the official EVO 2019 line

One of the best times for fans of the fighting games and a few minutes ago EVO organizers 2019 revealed the official line of the titles in which the best players in the world appear and, As expected, some are surprised

Within a few minutes ago, EVO organizers 2019 made the stream where they named the games that make up their & # 39; main line for the biggest world event per year. For the 2019 edition, which will take place between 2 and 4 August at Mandalay Bay Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a bit of surprise and for fans Super Smash Bros. Mòr They are bad because the GameCube title has not been considered at this time. However, the name was on its most recent polling and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to behave the messenger for EVO 2019.

Also, one of the amazing things to do is; including the next install of Shodown Samurai, which is likely to reach the middle of this year and, in particular, EVO 2019 will show a very good performance. In the same way, the organizers gave a vote of confidence to Under Night Ex-Birth: Final[st], a title designed by FRENCH BREAD and distributed by Arc System Works, as they thought it was time to stay a moment of glory in the biggest fighting matches. In contrast, Mortal Kombat 11 which will be ready for the fight on the next August, as well as BlazBlue: Battle Cross Tag.

In the same way, EVO 2019 will showcase competitions of # 39; high quality names like Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, The TEKKEN 7 and Icon for SoulCalibur VI, as well as fans of the soul, he is happy to know that this is successful Dragon Ball FighterZ It is also part of the official line.

So everything is ready for EVO 2019 and nothing to do is just wait for the day needed to reach the best players to face each other for glory.

What did you think about the official EVO 2019 online?

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