Gerald Cotten, the dead man who brought the password to reach the US $ 190 million in vocation

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Gerald Cotten died in India on 9 December and his wife says that he did not leave any password to get into Quadriga money.

It has been said that there is often a decline in a dangerous investment sector, but what happened next week in Canada was a risk that had not been previously done.

Reservoirs in Quadriga, the largest border exchange exchange in the country, can not get money up to US $ 190 million (which includes more than US $ 50 million in foreign currency) due to password.

The key appears to have disappeared with the founder and director of its company, Gerald Cotten, who died at 9 December in India.

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The 30-year-old entrepreneur This is the only authorized managing assets and funds, according to Quadriga.

And this Thursday, before the New Court of Nova Scotia (Canada), company authorities said they were unable to access the resources.

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Real estate cash deposits are real money.

According to a document signed by the wife of Cotten, Jennifer Robertson, the computer from which her husband was doing business "It is encrypted."

"I do not know the password or how to get the password back," he said.

"Despite regular and hard working inquiries, I can not find them anywhere"said Robertson.

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Legal problems

Established 5 years ago, Licensing is shaken with financial difficulties over the past year.

According to the CNBC Canada television network, its company was Healing problems and, at the beginning of this year, the CIBC bank will be backing around US $ 20 million.

And, last week, among consumer complaints about delays in a clear cryptocopy, demanding the defense platform from beliefs.

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Canada opened its first ATM cryptocurrencies in 2013

In general, its company is 115,000 users including investors and individuals looking for a more profitable option than a simple saving account.

But experts have a great deal of opportunity now to recover their repositories.

"I have emailed and received calls from people telling me they've lost all their money," said Christine Duhaime, convener founded by Digital Finance Institute, to CNBC.

"Quadriga has been in a long time and has become a leading exchange company in Canada, so I think thatPeople thought the money was safe"he said.

The test

The Cotten death was published in a message sent by its company on its website and Facebook.

Then, he explained that the entrepreneur died in Jaipur (India), where he was "opening an orphan to bring home and safe to the children who needed."

His death was too fast due to problems related to death Crohn's Diseasebad adverse situation

But The Globe and Mail newspaper said the businessman had signed a devolved name on November 27, 2018, just two weeks before he died.

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The Quadriga website has a short message now explaining its & # 39; legal process it is.

In the document, Cotten called his wife as a deputy executor and executor and, according to his newspaper, the same reserve is worth $ 76,000 for two dog care; couple.

But the test did not include details of how to get the Quadriga funding in the case of death.

And Quadriga users also protest that the platform will continue to accepting deposits even after his death.

Efforts in the process

Qadriga said that an investigator could see if the information could be returned.

But the efforts so far have little success in recovering a few medals, "as well as some of the information on your computer and on & # 39; your phone

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Cryptocurrencies have fallen over the last few months.

In a statement released last Thursday, Qadriga said he was working to address "liquidity issues, including attempts to secure and secure the preservation of our final security."

And there is a company in a court in Nova Scotia for a pre-hearing hearing of a & # 39; Ernst and Young employed as an independent study to monitor the issues.

On the other hand, the difficulties of the platform are in a frightening context for digital money, which is highly valued.

Bitcoin, the most famous of the cryptocurrencies, has won nearly $ 20,000 in December, but since then it has dropped to less than US $ 3,500.

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