His nephew Juan Sebastian dies with bullets; not been identified

Eight days ago, her son's son Joan Sebastian was discovered, after being stolen in the middle of the bull bull in "La Aurora", in the town of Tarímbaro, Michoacán.

After this tough event, social networks were no longer waiting, because a video is & # 39; going around where Hugo Figueroa, apparently, appears, killed by members of a criminal group.

Media reports that the people listed in the video are members of the "La Gente del Cerro" group, which is a. indicate that they are close to the "Viagras".

Here's the video:

"You disturbed your mother, the son of your mother, with those who do not have a smile, put a cock, until she's learning for the cock"

So far, it is not known exactly if the picture is equivalent to Hugo's cross, although some say it is 100% true, as they say that Hugo could refuse to pay floor rights.

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According to the relatives' declarations, the immortalities were destroyed by the aforementioned daughters, but they met hunting when they were; travel.

As far as we know, the police have not provided statements on the development of crime, because it is on the air to find out if a target or some of the circumstances are accountable.

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