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"I found out when I was seven months pregnant. I had cancer."

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Ben Hanan

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Sarah Hana says that she took her decision to halt her life suddenly.

Sarah Hanan was at work when she got a call from her doctor. Yes, it was a call.

A day earlier, the 29-year-old girl had been pregnant with her first child to Minneapolis hospital for a routine trial.

"A few weeks ago I was sitting on the hull with my husband, Ben, and; I noticed something hard in one of my brethren, "he tells the BBC."

And although the couple did not put much importance, they added the topic to the "long list" of things that should be in the exam.

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"Hey," he said to the doctor. "I know there is not enough, but could you look at it here?"

Before he understood it, they were keeping pace. Then they made a biopsy. And now the phone was threshing.

And the news they were not good.

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About one in 3,000 pregnant women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

“In 24 hours I got from crazy to have our child ready finding cancer"I remember Sarah."

"We were getting more happiness, only a few months away."

"Then I was feeling as if my life suddenly stopped," he said.

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"Do I have to make a decision about my child? I have to make a decision about myself?" He asked.

"From there to the beginning of chemotherapy everything was frustrating. They got out on Thursday and we saw ancologist on Monday, "Ben remembers."

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Sarah Hanan

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Sarah Hanan, with support from her husband Ben, started chemotherapy days after birth.

"It was scary enough, you start thinking, I don't want to be a lone parent, I don't want to lose my wife and son," he said.

"They tried it, and they saw that it was." strange cancer"remember."

'Tell the doctors all the time, as they knew, that the chemo was going to have an effect on the child, but of course we had no other choice.' "

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Indeed, according to the British cancer patient support group, Macmillan Cancer Support, chemotherapy is the most common treatment during pregnancy.

And research shows that babies from mothers who have chemotherapy are having " tthey don't seem to have different problems those in a baby who didn't have chemotherapy mothers, "said the group.

But that didn't stop Sarah being worried.

“As a mother, he got rid of these drugs really, I couldn't even bring ibuprofen and I was having chemotherapy," she says.

“But I also wanted to be able to get my son, I wanted to be for him, so I wanted my opportunities t they survive they were as high as they could be, "he says.

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Indeed, before the start of its first session, Sarah's tumo had already been doubled.

But despite the consequences of chemo, such as the tired and shamefulThe first time of a boom was much worse than that.

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Periodic judgment is fundamental.

"It was all easy," said Sarah.

“During my first three months of pregnancy and having spent time trying to devastate I had to go to the emergency room as I couldn't keep a beer,” she says.

“With chemotherapy, I was just nausea and nayea everything was like metal"remember."

"But I also knew that I was going to lose all my hair, and I knew that I was going to be a bald woman, one of the main things I had to do, understanding that everything was fine.


On Monday morning in January, Sarah gave a healthy male, Noah.

'I had only an application for some 20 minutes"said Sarah." The nurses made a joke about me telling me that I wouldn't tell other mothers. "

"He has left and started crying," said Noah.

"He caught my little finger and that was the time everything went truly. He is currently parents"

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Ben Hanan

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Noah was born in January.

Sarah's interruption was stopped about three weeks before Noah was born. And it started a week later.

But chemotherapy didn't let Sarah breastfeeding your baby

“I had been looking at that time with a responsibility, being able to provide for my child," he returns.

“Some women choose not to look at his chest, but I felt like he was evicted by him, I had no choice,” he said.

And Sarah will never be able to breastfeed in breast: in March the genetic tests of TP53 gene, which is more widespread, increases the risk of breast cancer. So in May he will go through it double mastectomy.

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Sarah has to carry out an operation in May.

“It's very difficult to accept a new mother,” he admits.

"But it's fine, he will still be intelligent and healthy childand we are to eat a formula, "he says.

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The couple has also been able to count on the church, their friends and family.

Looking for a new baby any challenge for any parent first time And do it as long as you continue to heal even more aggressive cancer.

"Chemo makes me tired of interpreting Sarah."

“It is impossible for us to do everything, fortunately, our church and our family come and help us,” he says.

"It is breaking out of my heart when I cannot care for Noah, but I am you will need to know how to ask for help", praise.

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Sarah Hanan

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Ben and Sarah with their son, Noah

"It's perfectly possible that the other is just the start of a long and moving journey, but I want the people to know that it's something that is happening", said Ben.

"It seems, t one in 3,000 pregnant women breast cancer. It is very important to people, but they are often scared to talk about it, "he says.

And if he wasn't for Noah, Sarah would not have been out soon.

"The reason why Sarah saved her life according to the clinic is likely to have died in a year," said Ben.

Instead, his body has been in declinefaster than the average.

But there is still a long way to go. If, when you get your operation, live cancer cells are found, the next step will be radiotherapy, and then a hormone remedy. He also has to attend annual exams for his other life.

But she is positive.

"We're running aa marathon. The goal this year is to get rid of cancer, "he says."

"And this is also part of Noah's story, a day I tell everything, it is a wonderful child," it decides.

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