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Inter light; non-active, Europeans & # 39; Coming to the three with many differences

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a & # 39; Mexican selection You can get this. t FIFA date a Raúl Jiménez subsequently identified Manchester United and add Wolverhampton in the Semifinals of it FA Cup, in addition to Javier Hernández after twice in the Premier Premiership. t

Also, a Tecatito in very good time with Porto, it was seasonally classified from the periodicals Champions League or a Diego Lainez helped Barcelona by Betis Andrés Guardado He is a captain.

As if not enough, that was Chucky Lozano connecting to the team Tata Martino face to face Chile and Paraguay next Tuesday 22 and 26, respectively, after re-revealing in the form Eredivisie and received his 15th visit in the quarter, and even Jonathan dos Santos (who is not a member of the European member but the foreigner) was coming to visit a plan for his goal to MLS on Saturday.

However, not all "European" cases are of course Three therefore these are that Gerardo Martino, on the other hand, will meet a number of people who have not been very involved in the past months.

Of the 29 that were with them, 13 are working overseas, including some overseas Hector Moreno, only include in the last seven matches Real Sociedad, where it was wounded at the end of January.

Instead, Néstor Araujo comes with the amazing number of 16 games without losing one minute, while Celta de Vigo is in the relegation field. Also in Spain, Diego Reyes He has played but came in or left the Leganese exchange, with only one full game since he returned to LaLiga at the end of January.

But that is the coldest Erick Gutiérrezso far in 2019 it has been only 80 minutes by PSV, with the last six games in a row without action. Besides, Guillermo Ochoa he will choose as an owner Liege status in Belgium.

So this FIFA date they have to be used to lighting the inactive and so with your work speeches t Tata re-loyalty, looking towards the front Gold Cup June and July in the United States.

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