It disappeared when it was on the bike; was director of mobility

PUEBLA.- The Mobility director of the municipality of Puebla, Emmanuel Vara Zenteno, he died uprooted this Wednesday on the 11th South at the height of the Merchandise Market, after a South Galgos unit bothers it, according to MTP News. I was 28 years old.

The accident was recorded between 4 and 6 East with the direction of the North, when the official of the mayor Claudia Rivera He was transported in his bicycle to the office, informs Huffington Post.

"I saw how the chavo came and the driver did not stop, he passed over," said a man cited by Central Mod.

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Authorities reported that unit 13 was responsible for the re-establishment, the driver attempted to escape, but police detained him.

Only in November, five accidents have been recorded against cyclists and 27 in the course of the year

Rescuers pointed out that the vehicle leaves you, but it did not prevent the paramedics of Municipal Civil Protection Lightning and the Advanced Medical Emergency System (SUMA) to give the first aid.

Vara Zenteno also He was a member of the Cholula in Bici association and he traveled on board his white bicycle, which was lying a few meters away from his body.

The area was locked up while staff of the State Attorney General (FGE) carried out the tasks of the body's lifting.

The municipal president, Claudia Rivera, He went to the accident site where he gave his condolences to the relatives of Emmanuel Vara.

According to Negra Page, only five accidents against cyclists and 27 in the year have been recorded in November.

The Poblano Cycling Council summoned a roll and white bike placement in memory of Emmanuel in the slope of Puebla.

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