JetBlue offers free airplanes for a year if you delete the pictures on your Instagram

Which is the worst part of social networks? Look at your friends in plenty of beaches, roasting in the sun, long & you are sitting in your office to view a & # 39; computer

If you need a holiday (and a more grateful situation), JetBlue gives a prize to two people who have a good time. Watch for digital detox, one year free of charge.

Yes of course. The airline offers three lucky partners (and one companion for each) one year of aircraft, with one contract: to & # 39; rid of Instagram.

Why? Perhaps, because you need to have a & # 39; company. But let's be honest, it's a good price in a year of free aircraft to buy someone's integrity.

However, there are two problems. As the guy points said, you still have to pay those pesky taxes and fees. You must also live with the last city; , which means that you will not be very useful with the selection. However,travel freeSouth Westerly

To participate in the competition Icon for All You Can from JetBlue, you have to delete your images by 8 March, the date of the competition. You have the option to do the archive: it is easy to save and save your pictures, although it will take you a bit (see how to install the archive and share in our Instagram guidelines).

But not all, you have to publish one picture. That picture should show the holiday you need (beach, mountain, cave?). JetBlue Label and use the havehtag #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes. The message must also be in the picture "All you can __". You can upload your photo to the JetBlue website and send it automatically to the message.

For more information about the war, visit the JetBlue website. The winners will be announced in March.

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