José Cardozo has sinned as a Chivas technician

MEXICO – José Saturnino Cardozo He lasted nine months for being Guadalajara. The Paraguayan strategy, which reached the conclusion Opening 2018 after he left Matías Almeydathat they did not provide good results in the technical management of the rojiblancos.

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ESPN Digital giving the coach the sins of leaving the flock after 29 league games, which he won nine, who drew eight and lost 12.

Two Lost Classics

One of the biggest sins in the Pandananan lost two games against America within five days. On Wednesday, 13 March of the year, Estadio Azteca collapsed 2-0 in the Copa MX season. The scores were screened on the Western Isles side on Saturday 16th March, but now at Akron Stadium.

Clean of Almeyda players

After 2018 Apertura, the Paraguayan escaped important players in the administration of Mathematical Almeyda: José Juan Macías, Orbitine Pineda, Carlos Salcido, Edwin Hernández and Ángel Zaldívar, a situation that never worked.

Club World

José Saturnino Cardozo will go down in history as he is the first coach to lead Chivas in the Club's World Cup, but he did it with a negative number. They fell their first promise for the competition before Kashima Antlers and later lost in penalties before Espérance of Tunis gave second place for the fifth place.

Non-group competitions

The Guadalajara was completed by eleven places in the first semester of the Paraguayan with 20 units, to six of the ligament posts. At the beginning of the coach, the Flock is aligned on the same run, but with 15 points to four of the eighth place.

He lost to the Pumas in Guadalajara 36 years later

Cardozo, the mountain of Chivas was in the game and lost the UNAM team on 6 October, a situation which never happened from 7 February, 1982. In the game at A8rtura 2018 the chanter introduced the man after 2. -1 at the rojiblancos with aims with Martín Rodríguez and Felipe Mora.

The effects of reinforcement have not affected effects

The exceptions to Jesus Molina and Hiram Mier, however, are not the expected results for Clausura 2019. The current winners are Alexis Vega, Dieter Villalpando, Guillermo Madrigal and Tony Alfaro. Vega is the biggest incumbent, but she has only three entries, all in Classic Tapatío. Villalpando was once one of the people who visited again, however he has not stressed the attack.

The smallest operation is Madrigal and Alfaro. It is 193 minutes ahead of the league; when the defender took back the last 12 days of Pharaoh on the sentence of the flock.

He did not press the Akron

Prayer had 14 engagements as a local community in the League of MX, that he could only win four, win and lose eight times. The Opening of 2018 saw eight pledges, where a competition consisted of four units of 24 possible; and at Clauser 2019 at the time they received 10 out of 18 points.

A lack of target

In all 29 games he managed in Liga with El Rebaño, his team got 33 scores, which gives an average of 1.13 per game. In 2018 he completed 21 regular hits in favor and up to 12 day he had 12 visits.

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