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Krauze was working against AMLO. Evidence of all the great things

Ricardo Sevilla Gutiérrez was commissioned by the editor, professor, translator and translator, to text the plot that he was a part of. 39 He tried to take the sovereignty of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Sevilla details the detailed analysis, it has funded, by various entrepreneurs and co-ordinated with the writer and businessman Enrique. Krauze, and his closest co-ordinator, literary broadcaster Fernando García Ramírez.

By Ricardo Sevilla *

I worked for the team for just over 18 months Enrique Krauze in an antilopezobradorista strategy so that Mexico's current President did not win in elections that would, at last – and in spite of the blissful opposing campaign – beating him.

In October 2016 Enrique Krauze, director Free letters and paid by Coppel, through the C.C. Isabel and Agustín Coppel Collection, an aspirational society on the research and dissemination of contemporary art ".

Since I made my first payment invoice, in January 2017, my link to Coppel via Leticia Gámez, an administrative connection between the Isabel Collection and Agustín Coppel (CIAC), AC. Executor Enrique Krauze, Fernando García Ramírez, I would make a connection with her.

In an act that affected me, Coppel even gave me a provider code to take out the tune itself to deliver my invoices.

My main job is to develop materials – which have a critical magazine mass – to attack the profile of the politician Tabasco. There was only a small amount of hardness. In the worst case, he was seen as obscene, impatient and, above all, as a dictator:

Our office was located at Calle de Berlín, number 245, in Colonia del Carmen, chief factor of Coyoacán. However, we also had to meet in the magazine offices Free letters. Fernando García Ramírez, deputy director of the current magazine who is currently writing and who is part of his editorial board (although he frightened him away), said there.

The subjects were not so small and rape. Again and again, the Attempts were made to link AMLO to the Latin American dictatorships. Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Madurothe horses that we were asked to kill were:

But it was not the Coppel Group that was the only person who took part in Morena's medical oostaconist at the time. Other "trustee" included: t

The trustee for Krauze was not a "Coppel". With the newspaper column The Finance We learned that businessman Alejandro Ramírez, proprietor Cinépolis, was a founder of the project against a play: t

In June 2017, to cancel the lack of Garcia Ramírez's right hand, Enrique Krauze, to make readers happy with reading Free letters He retired from the same pages of his friend – who states as “our closest adviser” – that the parent will open parental literature to continue “that the democratic effort of Citizen Lupa”.

But they were both lying together. There was no parent of that kind. The Krauze executive didn't leave it – and he didn't stop working with Krauze. Not in or out Free letters. Today, if we include the portfolio of that magazine and look in the ear to say: Who are we ?, One of the first plans will appear, García statue Ramírez.

In Berlin 245 we work with the company Expertia, PAN Ricardo Rojo, was director of social engagement by the Ministry of Economy during administration of Felipe Calderón. There they left, before they left themselves, from Ricardo Anaya, Margarita Zavala and Roxana del Consuelo Sáizar. The money – in terms of a project sponsored by business – allowed them to make special events where there was food left, the champagne bubbled and the instruments were well developed.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term vote, or selecting a vote, we are talking about what is the most powerful instrument that the voter will explain how the motions are going. Voters and ambassadors in the pre-election and post-election measures are known to vote in voters only. Francisco Francisco Abundis once explained: "this is the only way that we can either filter or partition voters because they are interviewed at the place where they vote". The question is: How many people, or group of friends, have the ability to pay vote and you will see them at home, while they are drinking and eating barbecued meat? In Berlin 245 you could do that. And you could get more.

As well as providing intellectual resources to Krauze, García Ramírez, which many people in the intellectual world are appealingly pulling as director of the company Cilia, He asked us to give something to the son of the engineer: León Krauze.

Another act which was taken was to see the characters closest to López Obrador. The aim – "the most important thing", emphasized him – looking for "the weaknesses" to create a picture – which was very complex – the people who were part of an AMLO ring.

On the office wall we had a map – a symbol of the drug-off poster, in the center, which appeared against López Obrador and, in comprehensive circles, other characters. T Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, for children, Imbra Epigmenism, Héctor Díaz Polanco and others who we thought pertained to the red circle of Andrés Manuel. Krauze's agent – who had always been fond of iron and wanted to influence "the trustees" – thought it was fun as we described them as "the other mafia of power":

In April 2018, when the Ricardo Anaya campaign, where this attempt was made unaided, still failed, he failed to stand out, García Ramírez said he was worried about the reports by Tatiana Clouthier. The AMLO campaign coordinator, in an interview for the newspaper reform paper, said the front page of the Tabasco was about to tell who was behind Pejeleaks. Enrique Krauze – Fernando wrote to me in a message, where he read shocking – he told Clouthier if he continued to accuse him, that he would be released for damage. I was very worried that the columnist was a lot The Finance he would take that, with his vision, that he tried to frighten the politics of Sinaloan. Why? How did such a thing take place? In my decision, I was just as disgusting as she was – and not proof that she was condemning her – they were accepting the guilt. It had already involved some fascinating ones.

I sent Fernando a warning and, in response, I tried to take me down with a strong argument: we just researched "public affairs". And he asked me to rest. I complained that the Berlin office was still working. I'd long thought that we were very open in that house. At a meeting he said to me: "be no paranoid, Ric." Later, in a laconic message on Facebook, he told me: "They already take it apart."

On 26 June, when we were nearing the end of the fantastic project, he ordered me to view the sound of López Obrador where the politician Tabasco talked about "the Republican false" and "state of chueco", an additional piece of work – said, with all letters Coppel.

I never saw Enrique Krauze. You will not communicate with it. Telling the truth, I only dealt with it once or twice. According to García Ramírez, after losing the election, the engineer had decided to live outside Mexico. He stayed in New York for six months and, for the next six months, would be here. He was afraid that he would be persecuted. García Ramírez decided that the historian had told him that he would be his leader Free letters. It invited me to join his team as director of digital production. Days later, he invited me to breakfast at the coffee shop of Tierra Garat, located a few steps away from the Viveros de Coyoacán. There he told me that Krauze was interested in replacing them Community Manager. Manager -Talia Margolis-girl was never finished. I had believed that, if I did, I would. But García Ramírez, who had praised me for a lot of things since I started working with him Project Antilopezobradoristaand, not to be taken to the particular circumstances in the circumstances, does not achieve again. I decided not to write again. I was spoiled and damaged by all of that plot. And something worse: no work. Coppel had not been paid for me in July, and I was promised it.

Shortly afterwards, the ever-effective actor Enrique Krauze came to ask me for a “final favor”: he wanted me to “help” with a rough exercise. The New York Times.

It had not been a great disappointment – and huge disappointment – than this survey had sent in, as he said to me. Once again they were for Krauze. Without consulting or even telling me, my 2 July questions appeared in the article with the Krauze engineer The New York Times:

Confident confidence, I decided to get a real distance from, which was already at that moment, I appeared as a star in the rule as a whole.

Days later, I sent the last answer to García Ramírez pay my rent in July and his projects with Coppel. He told me that, as strong as he, he worked with them. Through a Facebook message, he told me that he would draft a version with help from Coppel, Gabriel Zaid and Enrique Krauze.

Once again Krauze's long arm appeared. Didn't he tell he wasn't working with him now? García Ramírez was lying again.

I have given my evidence. I wasn't sure. Krauze's cultural reasoning, many of us are familiar, is vast. It has nearly 40 years of power in one person, now made as a form of intellectual independence. Finally, I decided to do it. Last Thursday, after the report was calculated, Fernando wrote himself, out of his mind, I had got WhatsApp, putting me off getting "telling lots of lies". He graciously, as usual, again took his kettle before.

With a careful tone about it – and looking at me answering a shocking message to disallow elements – I've tried to find out how long I would do. The answer I didn't want to give it then, I offer it now, simple, straightforward, facing: so that the public thinks all the truth about small intellectual business that, for many years now, is ridden by this historian with the help of his friends, businessmen t.


(*) Ricardo Sevilla: (Mexico City, 1974). He has been editor of politics, culture and literature, in the Fondo de Cultura Económica, Excelsior and La Razón in different times. He has also supported magazines, cultural and literary developments, in and out of Mexico: Time, La Mosca en La Pared, Quimera (Madrid), The Weekly Seminar, Ovations in Culture, News in Culture, Saturday newspaper Unomasuno, Parents, Free Letters and Decisions. He has been the writer for the Arena de Excélsior, the Folha de São Paulo (Brazil) and the La Rabia del Axolotl magazine. In 2001 he was awarded the João Guimarães Rosa International Award. Conversely, he has been a professor in Spanish and literature in a number of schools and universities, including ITAM and Universidad Iberoamericana, and has been a reader and professor of American Latin Literature at Federal University of Minas. Gerais, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He is the author of the books As he or she told, Eogo del desvarío, Album from tiredness and bits of myself. He has recently been awarded the translation prize by the Institute of Camões de Portugal.

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