There are lots of things we can do internet development. The most obvious is the highest speed limit the mobile data provider or data has to offer as the fastest, 4G today.

From there there are a number of tips to follow, how to use Ethernet cable connectionfaster than the current Wi-Fi, and if there is no other way to be, then as close as possible to the traveler, choose a good channel that isn't blocking, avoid too many devices … t

Changing DNS is another easy solution to implement. DNS Servers, an acronym for a domain name system, which is responsible for nominating devices connected to it IP networks. Your role is appropriate in a link, so if the DNS server server gets a bit faster while we look at the internet, download files, play online or make a video call.

In the past we saw practical solutions to easily switch DNS, such as the Public DNS Service engine for Windows, which will change DNS with a number of options for selection. Today we can see how these changes will happen just in your own right computer, telephone or tablet.

For which public DNS service users they choose, there is no option. You can go to Cloudflare, for example, Google DNS or any of these lists.

Change DNS in Windows

If you are a user Windows 7to change DNS servers you should go to Control panel> View network status and activitiesThen Change Adaptor settings and we choose what we want to configure, usually a wireless connection if we use Wi-Fi. Then we right click and click on it real estate, then went in Issues: Internet Protocol. The last step is to click on it Use the following DNS addresses and finally, write the two addresses we have chosen for the event.

If you are a user Windows 10to change DNS servers you should go to Start> Preferences> Network and internet. In the list on the left, we need to choose Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on our web connection. When someone is chosen, click on it Change menu settings. The links available are available. Let's edit the one we want to sort out and then real estate.

In the next menu, we identify the choice Internet Protocol (TCP / IPv), then went in real estate and, finally, in the next window, click on it Use the following DNS addresses and we write our servers.

As you can see, in order to change DNS, you need to log into different types or crannogs, but the process itself is simple. If we tired of some DNS servants we can change them for others. And if, at last, we want that from our provider, it will be enough in identifying again Automatically find the address of the DNS server in the last step that we have followed.

Change DNS in Android

If you want to improve your internet connection on your smartphone or tablet Android, you can also do it by changing DNS servers.

Like any change in Android configuration, we will begin with it Options. Interior > Wi-Fi Links, Networks and Internet> Wi-Fi or similar, following your Android version, we choose the network that we are Linked to and changes its preferences by clicking on Manage network settings or inward Advanced options.

Then we changed arrangements IP Options a Static, and in the options list we need to look for the two fields that are compatible with the DNS servers and choose to change the previous addresses. Finally, click on it Save and finished.

Change DNS in macOS

If you are in a PC you are using a Mac to connect to the internet, to change DNS servers you need to go System Settings> Network. Then we choose the link we are trying to settle, click on it Advanced … and then on the tab DNS.

In the field DNS attendees We already know that two addresses have been issued. We'll click on it + button and we write the new pages. We'll click on it take up and finished.

To change the changes we remove the DNS we have added and it will be automatically updated by some providers of our Internet.

Change DNS on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and your iPad can also benefit from new DNS viewers. Just go to it Options> Wi-Fithe mouse Information of our current connection, and then we will change the baseline option Resolve DNS from Automatic to Manual.

Once the DNS settlement is in hand, in the area DNS attendees we will click on it Add the server and write the addresses we have given them. To finish it, click on it Savein the top right corner, and we will have new DNS servers.

To change the changes we remove the DNS we have added and will be automatically updated by some of our web providers. Easy, fast and painless