Mazdaspeed does not exist, but there is talk about turbo Mazda 3 with 250 hp

Since the fourth generation of Mazda 3, the Japanese company made it clear that the regeneration of Mazdaspeed was not a resurgence, however. T Mazda 3 High performance has not died. According to our colleagues Coach, the brand is to approve a new version turbo engine.

Mazda 3 2019 3

Kota Beppu, the program manager, said that he loves cars, that he wants Mazda 3 to perform high and that he would do all he can to achieve it. There's a lot of information yet in the sky, but everything appears to be Mazda 3 getting the propoc turbged. T 2.5 liters of movement and about 250 HP.

Mazda 3 2019 4

It is more likely that this high-level difference does not make big changes in stopping and directional terms, but it does that. additional equipment and quality, how it will happen with CX-5 and Mazda Variations 6. Beppu will ensure that high-achieving Mazda 3 needs to be more friendly than GTI, but it must also be premature.

This new version is still being assessed. The project that they would get a green light in the next two years and it appears to be a specially developed model for North America, Australia and Japan; Europe is likely to run out of this version.

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