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Mexico sets two bonds for 2,500 million euro

The federal government issued a second debt this year due to the total combined set of connections 2,500 million euros, who notified the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

First, it will appear in recitation; The total number of euro monies ordered was seven million euro at seven years, with 2026. The band was set at an yield rate of 1,669% and a coupon level of 1,625%.

It held the second seat of 1 billion euro to 20 years with 2039 status and it was set at a yield of 2.969% and at a coupon level of 2.875%, showing its dependence.

Hacienda confirmed that this was the first time that a workplace had been done in euros, with a 20 year term and also with lower artefacts. Before this, the government gave loans in euros in 15 and 100 year bands.

With these matters, The SHCP explained that the federal government covered 100% of the debts owed on the external market which was registered for 2019.

"This action is within the limits of a net outside debt set in the 2019 Economic Pack (…) it was established that international markets would be used proportionately and directly. when these provided positive funding opportunities, "said SHCP.

The group indicated that they had been asked to apply for approximately 9,000 million euro, which equated to 3.6 times the amount donated, and to more than 545 investors. international.

The first time that the government made a federal debt on January 16 for $ 2 billion, to come in April 2029.

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