Mexico, the second largest country in Latin America with more billions

World's wealth is not shared equally. This is not news. But it is the only time that the stops are spread out in much fewer hands and fewer countries.

In Oxfam's last report on economic inequality, published in January, it already indicated that there were only 43 people in 2017 who sent the same package to 38,000 million residents a & # 39, this planet. In 2018 there were 23, almost half.

Y the Inequality policies are also accurate. Even billions.

The latest list of Forbes's economic journal published this month on the world's 50 largest billions (those who have a fortune greater than US $ 1,000) is among the richest people in the world. T the world. only 12 countries. 20 years ago the division was divided into 13.

It also reduces the number of people by over $ 1,000 million. Year on year, depending on level(Illies) Each year the publication is 2,153 very wealthy people in the world, 55 less than last year.

In addition, the total loss fell by 46%, to US $ 400,000 million in comparison to the previous year.

Where are billions?

United States the country with the biggest producers in the country crops 50 billion, with every ball appearing more in the club: if they were 18 in 1999, today they are 21.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.

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It is the USA with the biggest men in Forbes's list, which is first among Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos.

It is in the last two decades Russia and China The countries that have been seeing more than a million millions of people have left, five and four of them above in the grade.

American top soldiers are in three places listed. Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, is a fortune of USD131,000 million; Bill Gates, Microsoft Creator, with US $ 96,500 million and Warren Buffet, museum, with US $ 82,500 million.

And in Latin America?

The number of billions in Latin America is not evenly distributed in the region. T So only seven Latin American countries appear in Forbes's list: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

Latin American countries with more billions. . .

The first billionaire in the region is to appear on the list of telecommunications Carlos Slim, which features in a figure five of the total number representing Mexico with a wealth of US $ 64,000 million.

Then you have to go down to position 31 to find the next Latin America. It is about the Brazilian banker, Joseph Safra, which has a US $ 25.2 billion capital. Forbes is the richest banker in the world, according to Forbes.

Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim is the world's richest American and is one of the five Billions that Forbes appears.

It is followed by his partner Jorge Paulo Lemann, a businessman who has collected the US $ 22,800 million.

Where did the wealth come from?

While the region's wealth of billion is derived from different categories such as telecommunications, banking and mining (among others), the world list appears to be moving. Business growth that creates a big fortune t the technology.

Photograph of arms with mobile phones.

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The technology industry is the most popular product that billets out in line with the economic publishing list.

Up to 14 of the world's wealthiest people have made their wealth through technology-related companies. Those are the issues that Jeff Bezzos, also known as Bill Gates, Marck Zuckerbeg (top eight in the world), Michael Dell (in computer) or Carlos live in the driving seat. Slum itself.

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