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Miracles Court »The one fitted with Miguel Barbosa is already appearing and shows

  • Who will fight the war against Morena?
  • Eukid operators are already at the Manzanilla service

The contrast in the the beginning of the campaign of it Enrique Cárdenas Sánchez and Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta he notes something that is doubtful this political competition with the gubernatura of Puebla.

Unfair shelter between b by being # 39; the mouse of the people we promise to promise the next governor of Puebla and a involved in politics, circulated by national leaders of the country PAN, PRD and MCbut without support local lectures and directors Part of those political parties 700 supporters were not involved castle is zocalo.

With more of 20 people in the Exhibition Center, where it is Miguel Barbosa it started the second leadership initiativeThere was a sense of memory PRI's glorious year in the seventies which were carried from all sides and was full of the great hall of the building, and contained therein his leaders and his conducters were going to honor on the broad floor, where a third of those present were at the meeting Enrique Cárdenas on 3 Oriente Street, between the Cathedral and the zooalo iron.

Calling a general call to become leader of Puebla del PAN, PRD and MC also the first campaign by the opposition groups thirty years ago, due to the small number of attendees, use of small templates and sound equipmentand the candidate's message and address the figures given to the question At the beginning of his political campaign, criticizing the symposium of the governing body and candidate Morena.

Out of the president and general secretary of the CDC CDE, t Genoveva Huerta Villegas and Francisco Fraile García and the capital of Atlixco, t Guillermo Velázquez Gutiérrez, the historical or symbolic figures of the local panto they were not present.

They won't see themselves out Ana Teresa Aranda, Luis Eduardo Paredes Moctezuma, Humberto Aguilar Coronado, Eduardo Rivera Pérez, Rafael Micalco Méndez, Juan Carlos Mondragón no Jorge Aguilar Chedraui.

On the other hand, that's the Exhibition Center from Puebla, it was clear agents from the first Miguel Barbosa campaign not only does the regulator have new and influential leadership, but also agency support His members are not present at the site.


Among them political advisers this is an open intention the communication and attack campaign at Enrique Cárdenas Sánchezit will be advised by a taxi folded by Euzen Constores SC, Indatcom SA de CV, and La Covacha Gabinete de Comunicación SA of CV.

That's three companies that they are the brain and strategy Rafael Valenzuela Cardona they are quite connected to the Jalisco governor, t Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, which have been used by man-made conditions since he was a head of the town Guadalajara

The general strategy to banner Euzen, production videos of comparison and a dirty war by being # 39; The Covacha and the viralización thereof in social networks with the company Indatcom

As far as is known, the attacks will not be directed against them López Obrador and Morenabut aimed at the person Miguel Barbosa, his family, his wealth and his illness, much in the style of the incident The campaign moves to gubernatura of 2018.

Something different The Covacha Your creativity is usually the making of messages and videos innovative and very poisonous.


Over the next few days we will see spread evidence in the favor of Morena to the governor of Puebla, Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta, part of it politicians, public figures and union leaders wasn't long in long ago in the Morenovallist and Galista.

The long list and the same figure Members of PAN, PRD and PRI, thousands of thousands, ancient bosses and leaders Citizenship Movement, The New Alliance and the state parties Commitment to Puebla And CPP Social Policy Integration (PSI).

Several of these were spotted in the past week Miguel Barbosa in the second street of Mariano Echeverría Yveitia, in the colony Bella Vista

On Thursday morning the PRI was there Vanessa Barahona de la Rosa, and the former PRI member and member of the Citizens' Movement, t Miguel Ángel Ceballos Lópezand on this Sunday the old president of College, Puebla, was to be seen at the Barbosa meeting in the exhibition center, t Omar Álvarez Arronte.


Just out of the way

Several of the earth workers that time went to December of the year last for the assistant deputy Herrera Castañón Eukid, today they are head of the Government's Secretary General, Fernando Manzanilla Prietoand some of his former clergy José Luis Márquez Martínez and Francisco Ramos Montaño.

According to the acquaintances of employees Eukid which already works for Chamomile secretary of the Puebla governmental government, t Mauro Nava Rossano.


In the General Solicitor's Office (FGE) and in other federal cases, there is doubt about whether it is well established and that it has always been well placed. José Cristian Romero Aguirre "El Grillo", consideration of one of the principal drug dealers in the t Morelos market and other points in the town, which were enjoyed by the defense of public criminals and ministerial police.

This is being ensured for this purpose The cricket was released, at least twice, without charge or the investigation Despite being involved in drug dealing and major violent crime, such as killing.

For this reason the Fiscal's Office has made a decision some of his ministerial officers have held from his offices that would form part of the defense network of this dangerous character which was arrested a few days ago Camaro car of bright color.


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