Missing Betis a & # 39; opening a door to Diego Lainez in the U-20 World Cup

drop out Diego Lainez with Real Betis in the town Copa del Rey to open its & # 39; I'm welcome to call the Mexican booklet for the World Cup Under 20th August 2019, which will take place between 23 May and 15 June.

Betis dropped 1-0 in the half steps against Valencia, after 2-2 were pulled in the first leg and so they are out of their & # 39; final, without Lainez being able to play a few minutes in both games.

The old Americans may be present with the herring that guides Diego Ramírez in his next international competition, after being a mark of the U-20 in the final of the World Cup, which gave them their World Cup qualification, ; despite losing its lost loss United States.

Mexico will meet in the number of Groups of the competition Italy, The Japan and Ecuador, challengers need a lot; ask and where the Aztec national team needs to be ready to drag & first round trip.

On the other hand, Lainez could open the door to protect the El Tri Mayor shirt Gerardo Martino in the next two FIFA Date relationships, which will be held in March: the 22 against Chile in San Diego and the previous 26 Paraguay in Santa Clara, although everything would depend on heliopolitana management.

It should be noted, in the same week, that Diego Lainez has also been abandoned Europa League, where he fell 1-3 (Universe 4-6) to the Rennes, with whom the second went to the eighth final of the Europa League.

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