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Morelia – live America: MX League, around 9

47 & # 39; America will control its & # 39; a ball is surrounded, and Morelia is in a position; announcing her invasion, Benedetti residency in the area, cut back, a second player came out and broke into the corner.

45 & # 39; PLEASE CONTINUED! America trying to get over the score, Monarcas for keeping it up and running. maximize the benefits.

52 & # 39; YOU HAVE A FIRST AWARD; READ!, Monarchs amazed the day.

52 & # 39; They send money from the middle of the park, the Marche will go to; sent to the area, Finish Valdez, pumped, leave Sosa, a & # 39; stay with the ball.

50 & # 39; Buidhe for Sansores, He returned to the field to Bruno Valdez and took his cart.

48 & # 39; Submit the lines with everything and cart with the Monarchist attack, Miguel Sansores was scared again.

47 & # 39; A ball stopped for America near the big box, Benedetti to collect, Henry mourns, Bruno was left, he passed, tried a scorpion, he did not tie it, b & # 39; He was another man for Ame.


44 & # 39; Jorge Valdez, his own partner Mario Osuna, was injured The floor is deadly, it seems that the defenders need to leave the game.

43 & # 39; Benedetti, who is overwhelmed, will be remove one, excuses, It was passed through all the boats, no man closed and Morelia sends him to their winning team.

41 & # 39; Nico Castillo volley, attending Paul Aguilar, He hit her with a bruise and put it to her narrows.

39 & # 39; Sandoval removes Jorge Sánchez, He works below, which cut Aguilera, he's left to Osuna, he'll Breaking her ball, Sansores goes to her; surrender and removes the goal.

37 & # 39; America is now the ball, they play well, they move from left to right, the Nico is not detected, the one that is hitting the # 39; Most are pure but deep.

35 & # 39; AGUILERA TO COLLECT, displaying its & # 39; bombing, Rodrigo Millar pulls against him, It has been revived to Emmanuel, left, SACA UN RIFLAZO, sosa a & gritinn and a & # 39; stay with the ball.

34 & # 39; Free War for America, Castillo to Burn, Investigate, It prevents its & # 39; but in the hands of Mario Osuna, another direct image for the eagles.

32 & # 39; EILEAN MARCHESÍN !, OSUNA DE LUCH-OBRACH, Argentina, handed to corner, amazing thing of bluemema keeper.

30 & # 39; MARCHESÍN IMPRESIONANTTI! He set up a bed two meters away, put it to the top of the eye, it's amazing that he got out.

29 & # 39; Monarchs due to Ame's threat, he'll put her on her & her; wall, they will move to & # 39; band, they will return, they will & # 39; try to open the field.

27 & # 39; RENATO IBARRA A-MHÀIN MAKE HERE! He got into the body, he went well to reduce the keeper, covered it with all human beings and let the eagles make the best game.

26 & # 39; Strong opposition between Edson Álvarez and Mario Osuna, The installments will come from both teams.

25 & # 39; UNDOOR SHOT OF JORGE SÁNCHEZ! It takes two centimeters of the left-wing corner of Sebastián Sosa.

23 & # 39; The teams lose the ball very quickly, many obesity and handheld are lost.

21 & # 39; Along with Valdez, Emmanuel Aguilera was also praised, The main defense by a banned card.

21 & # 39; Buidhe for Bruno, I attack Mario Osuna, a move similar to the one who was enthusiastic about Aguilera in the second minute of play.

19 & # 39; America is starting to & # 39; bringing party to mid, They will look for Benedetti and Castillo, the monarchy's field will go to; Cutting the paths and stopping them doing scarce.

17 & # 39; YOU MAKE MORELIAAAAAAAAAAA! Rodrigo Milla, without a guardian, with two defenders on the roof, hit his / her; mail and there are CORNER SHOT.

15 & # 39; America is now managing its & # 39; wall, With the bands he will not get a room, Ibarra runs but nobody bites it, it's a & # 39; get into Morelia, protecting behind.

13 & # 39; BALL STOP AIR MONARCHS, just throwing, Marchesín With the dining he put it to the top of the corner, the middle defends it to the center, the ball will return and another beat from the corner to the locals.

11 & # 39; Benedetti on a wall with Henry, the Colombian half-round, inside, trying to put a place, Sosa is a & # 39; read well and play with her; dance.

9 & # 39; Corner corner for his monarchy, to his / her; criminal basis, leaving Marchesín in two hands, A & # 39; TAKING THE AME, Right on the right, with the speed of two players, venues, pretty well, kick kick.

6 & # 39; GOOOOOAAAAAA! Out of Monarcas, EARLY, Edison Flores' cruelty, they will catch the golden eagles.

5 & ​​# 39; BRUNO VALDES CREATED, a & # 39; going well short for Marchesín, Sansores had not lost much, the visitor had to go down to save the picture.

4 & # 39; Monarcas moves to & # 39; Millar tried to midfield, translated into Guido, America in terms of anti-drugs, a long border cut, above for Castillo, the protection will be carried out; return to the middle of the park.

2 & # 39; Manotazo on Emmanuel Aguilar, they take a bit of mouth out of the mouth, b & # 39; is the clan chief of Millar


The bluecrema bank appears only with a stranger with the producers, Roger Martinez.

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