Moreno Valle has been appointed as PAN coordinator

CITY OF MEXICO.- President of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortés, announced this Thursday Rafael Moreno Valle sea new co-ordinator of the opinion of a party in the Senate of the Republic, a post which left Damián Zepeda.

According to Excelsior, the new co-ordinator was elected during closed meeting, a pre-published summary, in consultation with the majority of PAN rulers at the moment and with the request of Marko Cortés to remain unified as a political back and as a party, but with non- former party commanders, Gustavo Madero and Damián Zepeda, and former president Josefina Vázquez Mota.

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"I asked the Senate Rafael Moreno Valle to continue to be challenging, strong, strong, conversation, challenging, challenging, and in connection with the Chamber of Messengers ; I have asked Senator Rafael Moreno Valle to look after the unity of the parliamentary body; I have asked his co-ordinator to accept the responsibility that means to be the first defensive force, to be very hard, "he said.

Damián Zepeda asked for the coordination in the Assembly he had been living since September 1 when Marko Cortés became president, but did not stay in the office, compared to Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, who did that in coordination in the Representative Chamber, when it was confirmed for his national president.

Marko Cortés said he was grateful to Zepeda for retiring his decision so that the new leadership of the new co-ordinator could be named a caucus.

"The decision, Zepeda, made a week ago, left co-ordination a week ago, and I really enjoyed it," he said.

Even when tried diligently, Marko Cortés avoided talking about the elders in disagreement with the recruitment of Rafael Moreno Valle, because his answer says that the hill is still unchanged.

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