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Mòri beat a fan of Juárez after the Cup was overthrown

It was not an easy night for a Pumas in the Copa MX. The university team was scrapped in Semifinals by Juarez, the Ascenso MX team, and it brought the bell into the competition by getting 2-0, so it will play the title against America.

However, the nightmare did not come to a stop to stop the cat technician, Bruno Marioni, when the 90 minute was finished because there were the precursor was involved in a series of bad attacks by Juarez fan, t possibly worthy of punishment in the future.

After completing the game, the engineer went to the dressing place Benito Juárez Olympic then go to the media conference and the way that it ran into the supporters of Juarez, which he made words and then he met the blows.

Lthe leader ordered himself to attack once he reached the room, he explained that Juarez had kicked him.

“On the way to the media conference, the coaches must go through the trap. Unfortunately, some supporters had a reaction to which I responded. I'm not right to take the attack back, t I am sorry for the lay person who has attacked me, kicked me, but I think the coach is just open to pass through the medium of … t I am sorry about Pumas and Juarez establishment, as a coach should not answer the attacks t" said the keeper.

The supporter identified himself as Jesús Manuel Guzmán and in his defense and explained that he started when he saw Marioni and He asked for a picture, which was refused by Argentina, said Juarez as a friendly technician "That is why they lost" t and fighting took place, which was later nested by team staff.

The university's club did not appear in this respect and is not the Liga MX, though it is thought that they will do so in the coming hours, t in the meantime versions of the facts already exist with one monopoly or one.

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