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New situation: They say that he can be hard and even at the same time

So far, all three of the three categories have been identified: three, hard and stubborn. However, a group of researchers confirms that it has been possible to demonstrate that there is a new approach connects two of the traditional forms.

To do this, they put potassium to extraordinary situations, creating a state that most of the atoms were doing solid structure. t network, and a choice of atoms was stayed beer

Andreas Hermann, from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) Faculty of Science and Astronomy, who led the study, said: "Poassium is one of the easiest metals we find, but if you are tighter, it is good We have shown that this state is unusual but steady it is partly bound and partly obscured. " He then explained that other kinds of applications could be found at the reconstruction of this unusual state in other materials. "

Their estimates suggest that more than half a dozen elements, such as bismuth or sodium, might be reversed. However, it is not yet clear whether the search is showing different situations or if it is moving between different areas.

The approach

To improve the survey, scientists reported computers on the behavior of up to 20,000 atam potassium in hardy conditions, such as: t between 20,000 and 40,000 times the atmosphere and a the temperature between 126 and 526 degrees.

They confirmed that two robust steel structures are being created, with strong chemical interfaces, which mean that when the structure is heated, the atoms can remain stable, while others melt in moth state.

"In some way, these potassium atoms form the basis for separation in two joined subconnections," they ended Hermann.

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