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Pill that involves insulin with diabetes

/ 7 February, 2019

WASHINGTON. The sciences were able to circulate the insulin dose inside a small pill and created an inappropriate device, inspired by a turtle shell, which drugs can thrown from inside the stomach.

Often patients are more patient-friendly, and they do it better, but many combinations, including insulin for diabetes, can not live on the hard trip through the t excavator.

To date, the species, which was reported on Thursday by a research team led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was not investigated.

"He is a smaller rocket leader" for insulin, Willem Mulder of the Mount Mount Translation and Molecular Institute of Institutions, who was not involved in the new research, said.

For decades, scientists have been trying to take oral insulin for some of the day-to-day winding devices you need to do. These attempts include protecting insulin methods from being able to reduce the amount of insulin. excavating and then helping it

to be included in the bone into the bloodstream. Until now, nothing has been done commercially, although exams are carried out on some of the candidates who are held closely.

Injection injection could affect the dangers of that trip and allow insulin to be included through the stomach wall, said Dr Giovanni Traverso, a Brigham and a Women's Hospital gastroenterologist in Boston and author of the survey.

"The way in which this works is going down the esophagus in seconds, it's in the stomach in the minutes and then you'll get the medicine," said Traverso, who He worked with a team from Robert Langer, who works as an engineer at MIT. , and the insulin producer, Novo Nordisk.

First challenge: how to make sure the device arrives where he can get to the right place, even when someone is in a position; move. Researchers turned to nature to inspire themselves.

The African leopard turtle can go straight if it is converted over its charapace, Thanks to the sharp chromes. The researchers created a small capsule with a similar shape and a heavy base, until it goes when it comes to the stomach on the right road to conserve it, Traverso explained.

Then the crew devised a whirlwind, such as a needle of dry dirt that was forced to a sharp top. To be implemented, the researchers will connect small spring to a hard sugar disk.

The risk of the discharge of the sugar will be gradually until the spring is implemented, and throw the insulin into the stomach wall.


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