PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will try to & # 39; change console business – MeriStation Consoles

An new consoles from Microsoft and Sony they are on the horizon, and business, in the form of developers and creating video games, and & # 39; waiting for them close to users. according to Mark Aldrup, the head of the study Destination Games, creators Silver Chains, so much PS5 as Xbox Scarlett, The "brings with them the biggest changes in history in the consoles".

"The next generation of consonants may bring some of the biggest changes in the history of video programs," explained Aldrup. "With this flowing video games, sub-subscription services or disinformation of disks … All options are available for the new consular generation, and I'm very keen to see what Microsoft and Sony have to do with do – and later Nintendo – in their suggestions, "he said.

"From a perspective of development, we expect them to attend a special and technical system that will help us explain the next few years. He has ever been one of the successes of the consuls, since then creators can focus on improving their & # 39; game for that hard-haired in particular, without having to be awesome to see how our title works in a variety of systems, "he said.

"From a development perspective, we expect to provide a systematic and technical system that will help us explain the next year"


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