Rafa Bridge: Plan B of Peláez

2019 is on Blue Cross, sad days. And after losing its final loss in the last December by a lovely rival, America, there seems to be no issues in La Noria.

Two are winning in the league, 14th place in the & # 39; board, to eliminate Chupa, football and abandoned by their fans, the cemetery and the Pedro Caixinha coach in the world to come over and next Friday they are going to do it. plays a large part of the small faith that left her; the project.

However, from the direction, it is likely that he already begins to Pre-care and Ricardo Peláez has a star in front of him, if the Portuguese credit in the Closing 2019 is present.

This is Rafael Puente del Río, despite being rejected by recent Querétaro due to poor results, President La Máquina President enjoys a " praising his football.

As reported by El Universal Wednesday newspaper, Rafa Puente Jr. a & # 39; First choice in the cartoon to remove the restriction by its & # 39; club, almost Caixinha does not leave the team, once and the competition is over.

Although he did not finish his exercise with Lobos BUAP and Gallos Blancos in the best way, the coach left a good feeling of emotion, by obtaining, with his / her. The first one, first divided, and with the second one, put them to Liguilla after several years of attendance.

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