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Raphaël Varane is proofing his plans for Real Madrid!

Raphaël Varane believes that his Real Madrid tour has come to an end. The Kanmart team arrived in the summer of 2011 from the Lens when he was a stranger, a 25-year French venue had become one of the team's defensive columns. Promotion of the team by Merengue, the football player is now thinking about changing in scenery.

This is exactly what has been identified in recent weeks. Now, new information talks about the ability that the world's hero is living his last week with Real Madrid. As Jugones shows, the defender has gone out to the highest areas of the club to leave his decision.

So if Zinedine Zidane (one of the main supporters of his sign when he praised the president) is there, the player in Lille who was born in the summer might be a truth the next summer t . Following the graduation of several of the world's most important international teams, the player could leave about € 100 million in the Real Madrid franchise, which would make him the most expensive defender in history.

It's just that, from the inside of the Santiago Bernabéu team, they are quiet. With € 200 million completed, only the white people will say the final time in the future of the player.

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