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Santander is the first bank in Mexico to allow "Money into WhatsApp"

From the end of 2018 reference was made to the integration of WhatsApp payments in Mexico, a few days ago it was said that payments would reach different departments, including our country. Today, Santander says that the first bank that will offer that choice is, although it won't be.
with a full integration as was expected of native WhatsApp work.

The center presented "Santander TAP", a service that starts as a pilot test and t allows WhatsApp users to move money through the application. They highlighted that one of the benefits is that they will not have commissions in cash or welcome.

Payment will be made by the stage

It will allow movements from 10 pesos, up to 4,000 pesos. The pilot program will be with a group of bank clients who expect it to be available to the last group of users of the center, not only will they have a debit card and they will only be able to pay back to you. the claim Santander supermobile.

The integrated service is uniquely integrated with the message request, if we are in conversation we can choose to apply and the seat number will be the number we want to movewhen you are selecting the number, we can find out which card number we want to move to and just press "press".


After that, interesting details will be shown, a message will be sent giving the user the name and the total amount, t amongst that there will be a link to raise the money.

When entering the site you will wish to certain details, such as your name, phone number, CLABE, or card number and card to complete the transition process, it is stress that it is possible to make the move to another bank.


If the user does not have a bank account, t the bank offers a SuperDigital accountonline, which will be online, with the same purpose of getting the money.

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