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Showing the official Mysterio suit played by Jake Gyllenhaal

Spider-Man: Off from home & # 39;

  • Spider-Man: Far from home & # 39; Screen the big screen on 5 July 2019

The first tethe of "Spider-Man: Far from home" seems to be in the possession of the factor Mysterio there is the co-continuation of Marvel Studios. The prospectus shows the warrior, played with a hero Jake Gyllenhaal, supporting spiderman against all the appearance of Venice is a sea monster, which is a great surprise to fans.

Otherwise, according to a photo posted on it, a new filter design shows a scene similar to that of the new band the learned Spider Man. Mysterio shaped into a fish tank form, which complement with its classic purple coat. This will all have a more technical version of the drive, which will be on a green basis, such a type of gold armor.

Mysterio appears for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man # 13; as a special impact supporter called Quentin Beck. Since then, the abuse has been one of Peter Parker's most important shepherds.

"Spider-Man: Far from home" the first time in Julydirected by Jon Watts and celebrates Tom Holland's new flag as a farrier in the world of Marvel Studios. The film will also feature other performers such as Zendaya, Jacob Batalon or Tony Revolori, among others.

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