so you can play this new version of the snake on your mobile

April 1 is April to April, the day of the innocent to the Anglo-Saxons and other countries, and as a tradition already comes the companies are starting to showcase their fun for fun and games with the anglers. .

Google's ghosts were sent in April with the first comment on Google Maps Snake, the legendary snake match that played these players over ten years ago in their Nokia.

Google Maps Snake

To play Google Maps Snake we need to update the Google Maps application in accordance with the latest version and wait for the "hamburger" image on the sideboard to turn the lines into a game of Snake. Once we see the new image we need to display the menu and click on the new option Play the snake.

Snake Maps

This minigram allows us to choose between seven objectives, each changing its case Designing a serpent that looks like normal public transport selected city.

By using movements on the screen we have to collect passengers and collect different items to get points. The game ends when we come out of the map or hit our own car. We can share our score in social networks and in message requests.

Snake Maps

Google Maps Snake It will only be available a short time, Google says that you can play this game of the snake for a week about.

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