Stop counts without notice

Last year Spotify gave a warning about the use of modified requests, but now the situation is a. become harder. In particular, against those who are use aircrafts to crack advertising of free mode.

Company flowing of music on its terms and conditions, and wherever you can read that any user found by using a modified application or software is hindering it, You can see your account hanged and deleted without warning. It is March 1 when this new measure starts to be effective.

This change is not surprising. Spotify confirmed last year that there will be 2 million free users who use tools to avoid the free advertising of their service. So, Such steps seem to be essential for the company to maintain healthy growth, especially now for the first time in history it is profitable.


In addition, we can not comment on other types of strategies that Spotify also uses to "#; using its service correctly, such as GPS certification on the sailing of all members of the family. Measurements, to character, also belonging to Mexico.

Speaking of our country, Spotify has a great health in the national country. he is the platform flowing of Mexicans' best music, with 89.1% present in the market.

Finally, to stay in a public choice Spotify has started to & # 39; implement new features, and the latest ones to be able to stop songs from special artists. Will these changes be enough for the rust platform to maintain the current level of growth? That is still visible.

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