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Take too much alcohol! Hospital Kahwagi: magazine

TVNotas magazine showed that Jorge Kahwagi had gone to hospital because his skin had broken. Doctors decided to take a surprise

Renaissance, April 9, 2019. Having announced that the businessman and softwareman were in the box Jorge Kahwagi It was temporarily attracted to dangerous operation, naming an exhibition magazine the reasons why medical intervention was required.

According to the journal TVNotesHowever, Kahwagi has real health conditions because there is a "cash loss", toxic materials and cosmetic surgery.

As a result of an interview with a close friend of the businessman, the media reported that he is in ill health, as well as trying out an action, as his bone was broken up: t

"They examined it and saw that it was very bad, that the intestinal broke. It was so heavy they decided to go away to run it. It was a surgeon." survived for all time, they washed the limbs and the same thing as thanks to God, "which denies an unknown friend Jorge.

As history, the respondent said the health problems were a long-standing problem: t

"For years Jorge lives in Tulum, because he has a number of estate businesses, two months ago he began to feel very bad, complaining of abdominal pain." in the fever and the thunder, and then came to serve the city of Mexico, "said Jorge Kahwagi's friend.

“At that time he named a doctor he was confident to assess. He believed he had a depressing problem, since since 2010 when Jorge had a streptococcal bacterium on oteomyelitis, its immune system was weak, and it did not seem again, it grew to she said very ill, "she said.

TVT also asked why the real estate representative did not immediately get to the hospital, so she said he was afraid of Jorge: t

“Jorge did not want the media to be anything about it, not to mention his family, because he did not want to worry, but he got worse. This left the accents, fever, cold, a difficulty in breathing, was discouraged and lamented with hope, so he had no choice but to tell the family. He went to his nearest hospital, but because he didn't want to, they took her to a larger hospital and raised it.

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