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The delegates take up to 6 years' imprisonment for people who give false invoices t

Unanimously and with 417 votes in favor, the full meeting of the The Chamber of Deputies agree to recommend Monday on reforms, agreed in the Assembly, to the Federation's Code of Inquiry, which imposed six years imprisonment in prison. deceitful invoices.

The consensus is – which has now been sent to the Government to come into the instinct – arguing that this reform wants "to encourage and receive tax receipts that are o t deals with legal activities that are not, altered or altered, as well as strengthening equipment and control to eliminate pollution in the provision of services or goods construction ".

In defining the re-development, the Finance Committee president of the Deputy Minister's Chamber, Patricia Terrazas Baca, said from the PAN that section 113, section III of the aforementioned code has been amended to penalize three. T months to six years in prison. who “receives tax refunds” deals with non-legal duties and legal exclusion. ” t

Similarly, an article 113 Invasion was made to the Federation's Fiscal Code "to ascertain that the person giving or issuing a tax income will be liable to a penalty of three to six years." which covers legal discussions which are not, have been altered or reported, "he said. t

“The bill aims to discourage unlawful launches of non-operational operations, as well as strengthen the scrutiny and control arrangements to prevent pollution of service provision. or through acquisition by increasing penalties for those selling bills. No, "said the PAN.

Terrazas Baca said there has been a rise in the number of companies that issue tax receipts in recent years which have been used to claim illegal benefits.

The statutory body that is the lead agency is, therefore, convinced that “reducing taxation reduces public income and, as a result, the financial sustainability of governments, as well as providing a t a positive impact on good countries ".

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