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The first picture was of black

In April 10, scientists will report that they will find a great knowledge of a place. This was based on the results of the international project Telescope Horizon Event, perhaps following to the first pictures of a black hole.

Similar publications will be produced by equivalent conferences in Washington, D.C., Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

A project for the future

a & # 39; Telescope Horizon Event the international collaboration which is trying to capture images of black holes by connecting several radio antennae installed in several places, creating and creating a meaningful telescope about the size of the Earth.

Black hole
Places where a radio antennae is used to capture pictures of black holes. Source: Telescope Horizon Event.

Because holes do not distribute light they are not seen: they are technically invisible. So this project hopes to create enough focus power to identify the surrounding spaces and so learn its properties.

The real image created in world culture is actually not seen. This is expected black dots surrounded by energy.


Science of the black hole

Black hole holes are actually interior clothing with pull pulls out as strong as anything t – Large areas or light waves can escape.

The point within the black hole that can't escape is called an activity sense.

The theory of black holes marks that they do it from the remains of falling stars, which increases the size and light of the areas they cover. The longest shape in the middle of most of my galaxies is the creation of dragging dragons linking the different stars.

Black hole
Milk Way

Its size is always proportional to its mass, so some may be a little less than the Sun's mass: blue holes. While others are millions or billions of sunshine times: the big craggy burrows that are believed to depend on the stars' constables.

The project Telescope Horizon Event You have chosen two very good black holes to learn: t Score A * (Sagittarius A *), which is in the middle of Milk Way; and M87 (Messier 87), in a magnificent large-decorated star, mounted in a mean Virgo.

It also reads:

They find out about a black hole in growth that was not seen before

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