Gerald Cotten, co-founder and Chief Executive of the exchange Borders in Canada QuadrigaCX, which died on the last 9 December due to the problems of Crohn's illness, the company reported on Facebook. Also the password was taken to the grave to get into computer where they are all archives of the company.

Exchange platform It has 250 million Canadian tickets (CAD, about 193 million eor), both in cryptography and in fiat, but they can not get most of the money, according to a legal file obtained by CoinDesk.

On January 31, Jennifer Robertson, Cotten's widow, registered for defending fraud to the High Court of Nova Scotia. Up to that year, it was around it 115,000 registered users in the exchange, with 70 million CAD in fiat and 180 million CAD in cryptocurrencies, according to the court document.

There are around QuadrigaCX 26,500 Bitcoin (92.3 million US dollars), 11,000 Bitcoin Cash (1.3 million), 11,000 Bitcoin Cash SV (707,000), 35,000 Bitcoin Gold (352,000), almost all 200,000 Litecoin (6.5 million) and around it 430,000 Ether (46 million), which adds 147 million in cryptocurrencies, according to the file, as reported CoinDesk.

It is not clear how much the room in the cold room is and how much in the waterboat. Robertson does not mention that "very little silver coin was stored in a hot pack," and said:

That is the usual method [el fundador y CEO de QuadrigaCX, Gerald Cotten] He moved most of the money into cold storage as a means of protecting the medals from being killed. stealing or stealing.

Finally, Cotten's widow stressed that he was his own responsibility to managing the property and the emergency. That's why anybody of the recruitment team or consultant he got access to his computer, where the silver band is with the money.

It is also possible, he said, that part of the property is stored in another exchange, which has not been confirmed.