The inflation lasted to 4.56%, despite energy increases

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) continues with its & # 39; moved down. In the first 15 of November, he recorded the third valuation after him, reporting the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The ISSi report revealed that the INPC was superior to 0.61% compared to the previous fifteen, thus at an annual food level at 4.56 per cent. In this way, spinning three forts after the re-enrollment recorded in the second half of September of 5.17%; However, it is still above the Mexico Bank target range of 3% +/- 1 percentage point.

In this way, inflation was lower than the consensus of analysts consulted by Reuters, who thought it would be 4.61 per cent.

"Following the revival of the second half of September – due to the impact due to the comparison of last year's earthquake – the annual change of the INPC has returned to a breakdown and was sent to the recent reading at the lowest level since the second June, "said Alejandro Saldaña, analyst at Ve por Mas.

It is alleged to have been electricity; In the results with a two-week change, which was sent to & # 39; The largest impact on general price increases, with the 23.39% rate increase, and agricultural output, such as tomato (9.40%), green tomato (21.62%), chicken (1.23%), new leeks (11.10%) and bananas ( 4.08 per cent).

"The increase in prices was due to normal electricity levels in the north end after the end of subsidies during the warm and bad weather season that increased the prices of tomatoes," Joan explained Domene à Invex. .

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Non-basic inflation recorded a rise of 1.89% per week and 7.46% annually. Within this index, the agricultural sector grew 2.93% annually, & # 39; energy and government aggregate rose by 10.58 per cent.

"The annual inflation was significantly larger than expected due to a reduction in energy prices. However, the sharp increase in some agricultural sectors shows how neo- The section is unsuitable, "said Joan Domene.

It should be noted, in the first half of November, that there was a difference of 13.68% in energy sources, not much; below the previous fortnight, of 16.65%. Inside this section, although LP gas recorded an increase in its prices of 7.22% per annum, compared to the previous twelve weeks, its cost decreased by 3.55 per cent.

On the other hand, inflation, which eliminates the products and services with prices is more accessible, 0.19% increase by forty, and at a year level it was 3.63 per cent.

"Meaning is lower than an index table, which includes vulnerability elements and, therefore, more suited to financial policy purposes, is defined by the reduction in prices of two co- part: services and goods. In terms of either, food products have registered a move to final customers of making more agricultural products, which explain the acceleration of this section, "said Alejandro Saldaña.

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