The Internet users interact with Adam Levine's shirt with pictures of topics

United States.- An Super Bowl LIII It was more than Patriots' impact, because he was It was the perfect event Internet users they use their imagination and create memes about the part-time exhibition of Maroon 5, the teams were coming against them and all details of the fun event.

One of the biggest memories spread included to include the comparison from a photograph of tee shirt he used Adam Levine, a group of musicians in charge of the show, and stamping some things Which social network users are unhappy in their home.

As it must be remembered, although the minutes of the display were transmitted, the interpreter sent ridicule until he reached a shirt me, woman and in the atmosphere of coffee.

Netizens quickly got his dress it was very much like with tweed pillows, armchairs and even curtains, who did not worry about being & # 39; share on social networks.

Here are some of these comparisons:

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