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The Italian papers of Ferrari and Australia: "To stay for a minute I live"

One of the newspapers says the race has been "slap" to the team

They regret that they made a big difference between the Ferrari and the winner, Bottas

The Italian papers have revealed a huge contempt that the Australian Grand Prix had affected the tifosi. The hope the crew have been in an easy move has become a shame. The country's top newspapers are asking Mattia Binotto to work as fast as possible so that they don't run on in the next race, Doctor Bahrain.

We will share the comments of the main Italian leaders after their race yesterday: t

"It was the very start of Il Cavallino, despite his many designations, the symptoms were not so comfortable, the Leclerc appears to have more energy and was openly open for being asked to stay. T behind Vettel in the final part of the race. "

  • Il Giornale: "The movement Maranello has shown is what Ferrari now wants: stop and think about how this might happen, in the sense of humor; I have a reddish light red than the red colorless color in the SF90. A rather perfect car, according to Vettel, follows the tests, suddenly coming to shame t. This is the sign of Ferrari's bravery in the dark after this weekend's pressure. "

"Vettel has been looking after a terrible dream. Even Alonso, in 2012, with his fifth place in Australia, better, 22 seconds behind the director. Another reflection for Binotto, needs to be showing more than ever since the next Grand Prix worth the SF90 and the new team: the competition has started. uphill two. "

  • Corriere della SeraWere: "Ferrari: was everybody wrong or just that Ferrari was wrong, sad sorrows of Ferrari; no one could see much of such a fruit far from the smithy far from the podium. We would weep, but that wouldn't solve the problems. Ferrari's loss in Melbourne hides something else, badly affected. Binotto needs to make judgment and heal. "

"The Mercedes won not only the winners, but also Red Bull, they also suffered with a certificate and in the race, and were denied the opportunity to award Vettel for points, more. look to the future, to Bahrain because of this you only want to do a minute. At the moment we leave the frost hopes. The truth will be seen in Bahrain. "

  • La Stampa: "Mercedes domain in Australia, there are things wrong with Ferrari. Very strong slate for Ferrari, that he has not risen to the podium ".
  • The Repubblica: "Bottas is ahead of Hamilton, Ferrari, out of the podium, the ones in red in trouble".

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