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The Monreal co-ordinator decides to work with councilors

Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, a representative from Ricardo Monreal in the Assembly, released this Sunday to the role of Morena councilors co-ordinator in the Upper House, and t accused of Raul Salinas of Gortari, leader of the party, Yeidckol Polevnsky.

From the end of March 26 it was announced that the Honors and Justice Commission of Morena, by Héctor Díaz Polanco, had put forward a case on the issue with Diaz Durán for saying that he had been harassing the statutes.

Díaz Durán had complained to Polevnsky about putting the Morena candidates into action, having said that Miguel Barbosa will reappear as a candidate for the Puebla leadership.

When the process learned before he received the Honors Commission and Justice, Díaz Durán asked his colleagues to represent him, and he thought he was to return internally to review.

On this Sunday, in a letter, the politician proclaimed that a Morena leader, t Yeidckol Polevnsky and a clique ask him to "bring dark in the dark at the catacombs", full of "the feeling most like the smell of smell".

At the bottom of the case, he said, it is the second sight between Mexico and Mexico.

"Raúl Salinas of Gortari is the true goddess of Yeidckol Polevnsky and his first political educator, at a time when neutralist neutrality presented its devastating and favorable presence in Mexico.", he said, adding a picture called Polevnsky beside Raúl Salinas of Gortari, the brother of old president Carlos Salinas.

"He cannot escape the parish of his parish. The changes are always radical. She began her career in the struggle of the heavenly priesthood, the constable, being deceitful and mad. ", he said.

To Diaz Polanco, he committed to Polevnsky and on his own behalf "they want, they want and they move and they will tell the four winds (there is videos about it) that Maduro's Bolivarian revolution in Mexico and Latin America will expand. "

The signature he speaks today is Morena, he said, "represents majestic and violent Maoism, as well as madurismo". T

In another subject in the text, Díaz Durán said that his teacher was Porfirio Muño Ledo, who he had considered " tDa Vinci of Mexico politics. "

On Monreal, he said that he was "it is one of the politicians going to be a state. I am very proud of it. Being a member of your team is a privilege and an honor to be honored. "

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