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It had been unavailable for several days since the beginning of 2019 when the world of locking in Puerto Rico was shaken by the news that Kevin Fret was killed to death when driving his bicycle. There were 8 effects on his head.

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In the heart of the authorities' investigations, to find out who is responsible for the body, the name of the famous reggaeton Ozuna rose because there was a week or two after the event. T tragic video of exotic pornography was released on the internet where there was an interpreter of silk and masturbating. Prior to confirming the dispute, Ozuna and their manager confirmed that they were being excited by Fret for a long time until the video had not been released.

Now, after three months of the murder of the young singer-songwriter, his mother has released some of the statements which have left more than one open vehicle.

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What did he say?

He is still hurt by his son's death, Hilda Rodríguez, and says that he has text messages which show Kevin Fret and Ozuna's friendly relationships, and that he already shared them with the Registrar's Office. charge.

Besides that, he also told the reggaeton with his manager Vicente Saavedra "ordered the murder of Colin", reviewing the program; Un nuevo, with Telemundo, about what the woman said in a radio interview.

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"I know that he and Vicente Saavedra killed his son … he's well aware of the conscience … Since they killed my son I was silent, but I knew I was going who killed him at some time. ", Enemy Rodriguez.

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